First post

Good evening all!

So my first post on my brand new blog.  I started this blog at 15:00 and its now 22:00 and I have finally sorted the layout (still needs some work – but hey, looks alright for now!)

I lost count how many times I said that I will start blogging about what I love: fashion. Year on year it has always been my New Year’s resolution, but I never really got round to do it.  Too lazy, busy with work, not enough time and the excuses roll on.  However this year and the last few months I decided now is the time to start blogging.  You may think why I decide to blog now?

Well the reason being, back in October 2012 my skin took a turn for the worse (I will do another post about my acne later on) and I would say that probably was one of the most upsetting things I had to go through.  Unless you have or are suffering from acne, you probably can’t really relate to someone that has this problem.  So when I suffered from a bad reaction, my skin just went all red, flaky and dry and I tried so many products and finally found something that actually repaired my skin.  Since then I have spent a lot of time researching on skincare products and the ingredients, and what I should and shouldn’t be feeding my skin.   My skin by no means is clear or where I want it to be, I still have a long way to go.  But I am positive, that one day I will fight off this acne.

That is why I have decided to start a blog, to reach out to those that are suffering acne and share with you tips that I have learned along the way and products that worked and those that didn’t and ended up going on eBay (haha – hey you’ll be surprised that there are people out there, that would buy beauty products!).  But the blog isn’t all about my rant about acne.  I will also blog about my love/passion for fashion and beauty and skincare products, and I may throw in my lifestyle as well.  What I get up to on my days off, and where I like to hang out and eat!

So thank you for reading this long post (you made it!), expect a longer one tomorrow – haha.



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