Dot to dots…

Good evening again! So second post on my new blog. Thank you to those who liked and started following my blog. :D

So today post is going to focus on the dots. Yes spots/blemishes/acne – however you wish to call it. This is going to be a LONG post.

I have suffered from acne for a very very long time. I think I may have started getting spots when I was around 15/16. Nothing major maybe the odd pimple here and there and blackheads (haha – yucky!) and literally boom (maybe a slight exaggeration) I started getting more and more spots. Back then when I was 16/17, I didn’t think much of it really. Like most people that suffers acne in their teens, you tend to have the mindset you will grow out of it. During university it was pretty much the same I had spots around my cheeks, and again I didn’t really think much of it. Though there was one year I remember when I was 21, my skin was at its best. Mainly because I had a year out from uni so I was working 9-5, with regular sleeping patterns and no stress. Sadly that didn’t last for long when I returned to uni for my final year.

In the last 2 years or so I started experimenting more with acne products and what products I can use to help improve my skin. I also for once decided it was time to see the GP and take some medication to control my acne. (over the next few weeks – being realistic here. I will go over products that I have used in the past, what has worked and what hasn’t – so bare with me.) But around summer 2012, my acne got worse, I started getting more outbreaks and bigger spots. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse in October 2012, my skin started reacting to products that I was using (new or old) and I still remember this, after my friend’s wedding I took my make up off and washed my face and afterwards it felt so tight, painful and my skin was so red and the next day I woke up and my skin was so flaky and dry, it was horrible! From then on my skin just went down hill, went felt like a life time which in reality was about a month to 2 months, I managed to find a product that sorted out the dry and flakiness of my skin.

Even now I am still yet to manage to control my outbreaks of spots, though the spots I get now are all around my mouth and chin area. After googling and going by the Chinese face mapping, having spots around this area is related to hormones and intestines.

Last week, I stopped taking the birth control tablets my GP prescribed me as it wasn’t doing much to control my spots and I was just getting more outbreaks. So I paid another visit to the GP and this time I saw another doctor, who said it was time for me to see a dermatologist and go on a course of Roaccutane. Now those who have suffered or is suffering with acne may have heard of this drug, it was featured in a documentary on BBC3 called “Dying for Clear Skin”. This is a powerful drug and is usually only prescribed to people that have severe acne. Now I wouldn’t say I have severe acne, I am in the moderate category but if left untreated it can develop into the severe acne. This drug has helped fight off acne for many people, but it has side effects (like most drugs), main ones being dry and flaky skin and depression. But NHS being NHS, I can’t get an appointment until July, which actually works out as I’ve decided to go down the Chinese medication route. It helped clear my eczema on my arm back when I was 13, and the good thing about Chinese medication is that it helps cleanse your insides and there are less side effects than drugs. The down side of Chinese medication is that it tastes absolutely awful!

I had my first appointment with the Chinese doctor in Chinatown, London and had to do a ultra scan on my stomach and bladder area to see if my acne can be related to something internal (something to do with the womb – don’t quote me on this, it was said in Chinese and I have no idea what it means! Ha!). Results came back and everything was fine in that region and the doctor said that my spots is related to hormones, which is good as it is more easy to treat. However she has given me a list of rules I must follow. Go to sleep before 12, avoid hot/spicy food, fried/junk food, cold drinks/food and no alcohol. Also I must be happy and positive and not let any negative or stress get to me. But if it helps my acne it would all be worth it. After all what you shove down your mouth shows externally, whether its on the face or on the body. You are what you eat as they say! She given me 6 packets of herbal tea (currently my mum is already simmering one packet – smells horrible!) and I have another check up next Sunday as I will also have my blood test results. I don’t expect a miracle to happen that one day I will wake up and my skin would be clear (though that would be amazing if it did happen!), I know it would be a long process but hopefully this process will work. I shall keep you all updated.

Like I said in my last post, unless you have suffered or suffering from acne, you can never be able to relate to someone that is going through this. Having the odd spot on your perfectly clear face is not acne, and I’m not saying that you don’t have issues you are dealing with but unless you suffered or suffering from acne you don’t really know how that person feels.

I’m not going to lie, there have been times when acne has brought me down and like most people you question why this is happening to you and then you be envy of those who have perfectly good skin. It is perfectly normal, but remember being envy of someone or comparing yourself against someone else won’t help you. You just have to remember you are unique in your own way, and acne doesn’t make you an horrible/ugly person (even though you may feel like that). Because beauty is not just from the outside. So stay positive and happy and remember one day you can fight off this acne and be the winner!

That’s all for tonight, I did say it was a long post.

Hope you all have a lovely week. I did some shopping in London today, so a fashion post might appear sometime this week.



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