Monday Acne Update

Hello again!

Gosh, its been 7 days since I last blogged.  Been busy with work, and struggling to find time to write up content and need to try and sleep before 12am every day.

So lets give you peeps a brief update of my skin so far.  I had another appointment with the Chinese doctor yesterday and my blood test results have come back all good.  So she has said that my strong outbreak of spots is due to hormonal and stress, so I need to be stress free as possible and always happy and positive. Since taking the medications, I have been getting small whitehead spots every day, this is what the medication does pushes out all the impurities and bacteria to the surface so it can be killed and then new fresh skin will appear.  I was always worried that it was the BB cream adding to spots, but this just proves it wasn’t as even on days I don’t wear any make up, white heads are still popping out (haha – sorry disgusting!). My skin is not as red as before, but I’m sure in the next few months things will be better.

Today, I literally had so many white heads appearing and I had to just leave them alone and let it disappear by itself.  I don’t know what’s worst, having dry scaly skin or having white heads on my face and resisting to get rid of them.  BUT if doing nothing and letting them go away by themselves and literally just allow the spots to come out by itself will help me in the long run, then I am all for it!

The Chinese doctor also changed some of the medication, because my god the herbal tea is even worse this time!  Yuck!

So that’s a round up of my skin so far.  I’m already writing up material for my next blog which will focus on the past and present skin care products I am using!  Hopefully should have the posted by Wednesday.

Hope you all had a lovely sunny Monday.  Well that’s if you’re in the UK.



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