Back in action…

Hello all!

So it has been a very long time since I last blogged, in fact well over 4 months! YIKES!  I honestly don’t know how people can blog all the time when you have a full time job, for those who can, I seriously give you a big thumbs up!

But I am back in action now.  I got a bit of a kick up in the arse this week, got invited to George Christmas Blogger Event,  I was so shocked because I hardly blog at all and I was convinced that no one was reading my blog or no one can even search for my blog. I started blogging not because I wanted freebies or getting invites to events.  It was because I wanted to reach out to people and even if its only one person that reads my blog that will be okay.  But after receiving that invite, it has made me realised that I should blog more.  I met some amazing bloggers at that event and hopefully I can meet for in the future.

For now I shall give you an update as to what I have been doing in the past 4 months…

In no particular order, I celebrated my birthday in July!  Turned 26 and organised three separate birthday events – I am greedy like that.  Received lots of wonderful presents and money from my loved ones.

I went on holiday in August with my mother and sister for 10 days around Europe. We visited Prague, Barcelona and Berlin.  It was a truly amazing holiday.

Now in October… I went to see Wicked, went out to Shoreditch/London, did lots of eating!

In the process of all that, I hauled a lot of clothes, shoes and beauty products (will be blogging about those soon!).  I am still seeing my Chinese Doctor for my acne, so my skin is a lot better than what it was when I first started taking medication in April.  However I still get an outbreak of acne in the mouth and chin area (hormones/stress related) and its still red in that area, though my scars on my cheeks area are fading (thats a bonus!).  Those who suffer from acne will understand that the skin will have its good days, I will go through days where I don’t get one spot and no sign of redness and days where I get all that.  Sleeping has a lot to do with it and I have been trying to sleep before 11pm whenever I can.  This week I have been lacking (oopsie) and my job makes it difficult with different shift work patterns.  But I won’t give up.  I am determined that one day I WILL HAVE CLEAR SKIN.

That’s it for this post, a quick round up of what I have been up to.

What did you get up to this Summer?



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