George At Asda Christmas Blogger Event

I received an out of the blue email last week from Siobhan at Talented Talkers,  who invited me to the George At Asda Christmas Blogger Eventheld at Carnaby Street, London on Thursday 24th October.  To be honest I was very surprised to receive an invite, mainly I hardly blogged that much at the time and didn’t think anyone reads my blog post!  None the less I accepted this one in a million chance invite.

I arrived just after 6pm, and was taken aback by the how wonderful the set up was for the event.  One part of the room had rails of clothes showcasing George At Asda Autumn/Winter collection. The other part had a bar where there were freshly made mocktails, canapés and a chocolate fountain! There was also rails of christmas jumpers and christmas gifts and also an area showcasing pretty party shoes and jewellery.

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I received a personal tour from Jaminder who works for George At Asda, who took me through each rails of clothing that was showcased on this wonderful evening.  I was honestly surprised at some of the clothes I saw on the rails.  Some of the clothes I would expect to find in Topshop, New Look and Forever 21, never in a million years would I expect a George label on these clothes.  I was very impressed with their Online Exclusive collection, it featured prom dress, pinafores, sequin and embellished dresses, perfect to wear for this year Christmas parties.


There was also one rail which featured clothes from their G21 range, which is a range aimed at the younger generation and they key look for this range is colour and pattern clashing.  If you’re a bold dresser you will be impressed with the patterns they’ve used for the clothing.


Other rails of clothing featured a lot more pretty dresses with sequins and jacquard patterns, along with tops and skirts.  You definitely can create a bunch of stylish outfits.

IMG_0746 IMG_0744 IMG_0763

Since it was a showcase for their Autumn / Winter collection, of course there would be coats, and boy were they impressive!  Coats came in different lengths, colours and patterns.  The one that stood out for me was the Navy Tartan Print coat, at the moment it is not available to purchase, but I did take a photo of it.


Pretty impressive right?  Judging from the prices of other coats, I honestly do not think this coat will break the bank balance.  Its great quality and fits like a dream,  I have seen similar style coats from Zara, but for those who shop at Zara will know that Zara coats can break the bank balance.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Christmas event without some novelty jumpers, and the Christmas jumpers that will be available to purchase from George At Asda certainly will not disappoint! The women’s and men’s collection features an impressive lines of Christmas jumpers, with the majority of them under £15.  You can buy the women’s Christmas jumpers from here, and the men’s Christmas jumpers from here.


Through out the evening I met a few other fashion bloggers as well, and enjoyed having a chat and getting to know them and hearing stories about events they previously attended to.  I also got to try the wonderful canapés and mocktails that were served to us throughout the evening along with the amazing chocolate fountain!

At the end of the evening I also got to take away a goodie bag from George At Asda, which included a reusable tote bag, their christmas catalogue book, elf hat, bangles and a nail polish.

Overall it was a fantastic evening and it opened my eyes that I ought to start branching out where I purchase my clothes from,  because George At Asda’s fashion line was impressive, and whats more impressive is that not only can you purchase in store, but you can purchase online (where generally has more clothing) and George At Asda offers free delivery and returns!

Thank you to George At Asda and Siobhan at Talented Talkers for inviting me to this wonderful event. (:


George At Asda collection can be purchased from here.

Have you shopped at George At Asda before?



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