Brilliant Earth – The Wisteria Collection Launch

Good evening all,

I was never the girl that believed “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, you see I am more of a handbag type girl. But I think my views may have been slightly changed and by who you may ask, a company called Brilliant Earth.

Honestly I never heard of this company before I was contacted by Jaimie Hermann, purely because I live in the UK and this company is based in San Francisco, and I went on their website and was immediately impressed with the fine range of intricate and beautiful jewellery they have to offer.

So today, (it is Thursday 7th November in the UK, but still Wednesday for San Francisco!) marks the exciting launch of their new jewellery collection called “The Wisteria Collection” and you will fall in love with every single piece of jewellery in this collection.

Let me talk to you a little bit about the company and the inspiration behind this collection.  Brilliant Earth was co-founded by Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg.  Eric had an idea the idea that responsibly-sourced jewellery could be an effective tool for social change in developing countries. With this idea Brilliant Earth was born in 2005.  Brilliant Earth’s commitments are: Ethical Sourcing, Quality, Service and Community, and what really stands out for me is that they donate 5% of their profits back to the communities harmed by the jewellery industry.

The Wisteria Collection, was inspired by the beauty of Autumn.  Now if we think about what Autumn is about, its about the colours of the leaves turning a different colour, leaves falling from the trees onto the ground, and the movement of the leaves and fallen tree branches in the breeze.  This is all represented in this collection, branches and vines with curves and overlapping bands, the subtle movement that represents falling leaves whilst pavé diamonds bring a dazzling light, which are all brought to life in their rings, earrings and necklaces.  The result? Timeless, intricate, delicate and contemporary pieces.

PicFrameEach stunning piece was hand-drawn in Brilliant Earth’s San Francisco design studio before being brought to life by their master jewellers.

Nature Ring Sketch Luxe Nature earrings sketch

No doubt you will agree with me that each piece in their collection represents the beauty of nature and Autumn.

Wisteria-Leaf-Earring-cropped Wisteria Diamond Earrings Plumeria-Collection-cropped Amore Diamond Ring

From left to right: Wisteria Diamond Earrings, starting at ¢1,950, Eucalyptus Diamond Earrings, starting at ¢675, Plumeria Diamond Earrings, starting at ¢1,850, Plumeria Diamond Pendant, starting at ¢1,850, Amore Diamond Ring, starting at ¢1,595.

My favourite piece from this collection, is The Wisteria Diamond Ring.  I love the band design of the ring and the use of the pavé diamonds.


18K Wisteria Diamond Ring, starting at $1275

If you love this amazing collection, you will certainly love their engagement rings and fine jewellery too.

So I guess after all “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.

Have your purchased jewellery from Brilliant Earth before?



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