Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I am probably the last beauty blogger to review the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (maybe a slight exaggeration) but I am sure you have all read plenty of reviews on this, it won’t hurt just to read another one!

So the new kid on the micellar water block is this bad boy ‘Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water‘.  For those who read my blogs will know that I previously used the L’Oréal Micellar Solution, but I guess like most beauty bloggers you chop and change your beauty products like how the UK weather!

Before I used the Garnier version, I treated myself to a small size version of the Bioderma Sensibio H20 Solution Micellaire from Escentual and I could see why everyone raves about this product so much, as it beats the L’Oréal version by a million miles.  So how does this Garnier version do?

Like all micellar cleansing water on the beauty market, it is designed to remove all traces of makeup and cleanses your skin in just 1 step and there is no need to rinse.  Now I have said this a gazillion times, I do not believe in just a single cleanse if you have been wearing make up.  I believe in a double cleanse.  One product to take off your war paint and another product to ensure all traces have been removed and your skin is squeaky clean.


What I think:  Hands down, this beats the L’Oréal version. Just the bottle design beats it, like I said in my previous post about the L’Oréal one the hole on the bottle is quite big and you can sometimes over pour the solution too much.  But you don’t get this problem with the Garnier one.  It is a dupe of the Bioderma one as it does a good job of removing mascara and eyeliner at a ease and it does’t leave a tacky sticky feeling on the skin.  It is only after I used the Bioderma one that I realised how different it is to the L’Oréal one.  The Garnier version comes in just one size at 400ML, bigger than the L’Oréal version which comes in at a mere 200ML size.  On the bottle it states 200 uses, I’m not sure if you can get 200 uses out of this, as I find that I need to use three – four large oval cotton pads to remove all my make up.

It contains no alcohol and no perfume, so perfect for sensitive/acne prone skin.  It doesn’t aggravate my acne prone skin, so if you suffer from acne it is safe to use.  It is also dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested too.

You can buy this product at your local supermarket and drugstores in the UK.  The RRP is £4.99, however if you have a local Savers drugstore near you, you pick up this product for £2.99.  Alternatively you can also purchase this product at Boots, who are currently doing £2 off the RRP price.

Have you tried any Garnier products before?  What do you think of this Micellar Water?



5 responses to “Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

    • Thanks for reading! :D You should! Much cheaper than Bioderma, just as good as miles better than L’Oréal. Beauty winner! (: xox

  1. At the moment I’m using the L’Oréal cleanser you mentioned, but this one sounds so much better. Will have to try it out. Thank you for the review. x

    • Thank you for reading my review.

      Definitely try it, I used to use L’Oréal as it was so cheap. But Garnier one is miles better, doesn’t leave your skin with the tacky sticky feeling! (: xox

      • That’s okay! I tried it for the same reasons, and find it does leave your skin feeling like that! Will really have to try it out :) x

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