New York

New York

I am sure like most people we all like to leave UK and venture and explore other places around the world.  My all time favourite destinations are New York, California and Hong Kong all because of the amazing shopping, food and the city itself.

Last year I went around Europe for 10 days and I visited Prague, Barcelona and Berlin.  Out of the three cities, Barcelona was my favourite.  The culture and food was just amazing.

This year I am lucky to be able to visit Germany (again!), this time I am going to Dresden as two of my dear friends are getting married.  I will also be going to Paris (again, I went for a day trip back in early April) and this time I am going for a day trip.  Lets just hope there are no delays on the Eurostar coming back to London.  I am also super excited that I may also be going to Hong Kong and Dubai again!!!! Nothing set in stone with these two places as yet…but watch this space.

I am also hoping 2015, marks the year where I go to Coachella! I always wanted to go to the most talked about music festival, as well as returning to NYC again.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Are you going anywhere this year?



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