My Acne Update

It’s been a while since I did an update on my acne.  The main reason I started this blog, was to reach out to those who suffer from acne to say it is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed that you have acne.  And it certainly does not define who you are.

I’m not going to go into detail of my acne as I have already mentioned it before in my previous posts which you can read here.  So I started taking Chinese medication a year ago, because I didn’t think that medication in the form of the pill or acne medication prescribed by the doctor was working and I wasn’t ready to take Roaccutane.

Fast forward one year later…I still have scarring, but I no longer get as much active spots as I did before.  It has been a long uphill battle, and I’m not going to lie there have been many times when I have thought to myself, the medication is not working I should stop wasting my money and just give up.  But you shouldn’t give up, you shouldn’t let acne win.

I am going to show you photos of the different stages my skin went through during the course of taking Chinese medication.  Please note the photos are not pretty.

photo 1

I think like with most acne medication you take, initially there is this “purging” stage where the medication is going to push out all the spots to surface.  The photo above was probably taken within the first 4 months of drinking the medication. Every night I would go to sleep and hope that when I wake up I wouldn’t get any more active spots, but I did.  Some were a small white head pimple and some were big under the skin spots.  During this time I honestly felt like I was ugly, I was worried what people might think of me. Did they think I had some sort of infection or I wasn’t a clean person?!  My job is heavily customer facing, and I was anxious of how people would look at me when I spoke to them.  I was wearing make up at this time (I wear BB cream) and no make up would cover the spots, pimples or bumps.  Some days I thought to myself luckily I was not at school or college, as I probably would of been called pizza face!  For the first 8 months, I followed a strict diet of no spicy, fried and junk food, no alcohol and when possible sleep before midnight.  The sleeping before midnight actually proved the most difficult to do.

Now despite me feeling ugly with the way I looked, overtime I learned to not let it affect me and I think the main reason why was my colleagues didn’t act any different to me and nor did my friends and also I knew I wouldn’t look like this forever.  And I was right, over time my mouth and chin area was starting to get better, and there was times when I wasn’t getting many active spots but when there is a high, there is also a low that I would also experience times where I would get big under the skin bumps that took like days if not a week to get rid of.  I started to be come a little bit relax to my eating diet, where I would allow myself to have the occasional packet of crisps and chocolate and secretly I always prayed I didn’t get spots the next day!  But I am still working on the “sleeping before midnight” rule.

photo 2

Now the bottom picture above is what my skin in that current area looks like.  Please don’t be deceived and think wow its clear, because its not.  I think taken the photo in the bathroom and with my iPhone 5 front facing camera has helped produce this clear skin.  But my skin has massively improved.  I probably now only get one or two pimples as opposed to like 10!  The redness has reduced and no more big spots too!  But my acne journey has still got a long way to go… Still need to get rid of the scarring, but I am positive that it would happen one day!

You’re probably thinking that if I took Roaccutane, I probably would see results much faster and there maybe a possibility that my scars would have faded and all my spots will go away.  And I honestly could say in the past I did think to myself, if I took Roaccutane last year I probably would have clear skin.  But unfortunately I am still worried about the side affects, and even though Chinese medication is more expensive and the results are slower, it has made me realised that taking other medication can help acne.  Don’t feel like you have to take every medication that the doctor prescribes you.  But the most important thing is do not suffer in silence.  Talk to your parents and speak to your doctor or a dermatologist and get the right treatment for your acne.

So that’s a little one year round up of my acne…I shall be doing regular updates to keep you lovely readers updated.

Do you suffer from acne?  What are your thoughts on acne?



4 responses to “My Acne Update

  1. I feel you! I am only about a grade 1 acne sufferer but now that I’m in my mid 20’s its really not ok anymore! I’m glad you’ve gotten some great results! Personally I’ve been able to clear a lot of mine with just topical skin care products.
    I think you would like the Dermalogica Chrome White TRx TriActive Cleanser to help lighten your acne scars. It worked wonders for me even in one month but without aggravating my skin. I also mixed it with their Daily Microfoliant to kick up the brightening power.
    I did notice that using this cleanser morning and night was a little much for me though so I think if you using it once a day you’d be happier with the results. Best of luck!

    • Hey!

      Thank you for reading my post and thank you for recommending me products to use. I will definitely look into Dermalogica products. X

  2. A friend posted this blog on Facebook and I decided to check it out. I know you wrote that maybe taking the picture in the bathroom is the reason it clears but from what I can see it is a great improvement from your previous pics.

    It is the small steps that matter. Acne can be stubborn. If you find something that works stick to it. It looks like your face is producing a lot of Sebum. Does the Chinese medicine control the oil production. This is the main cause of acne in most cases. Try to pay attention to the things that is causing your acne to flare up.

    Some medications and soaps have the effect of drying out the skin forcing it to produce more oil than normal. if you over scrub at night this can cause more to form by morning. Understand your skin type and you will began a good path to fighting your acne. Good Luck with your progress.

    • Hey! Thank you so much for your comment. I can’t believe my blog got posted on Facebook. ☺️

      All the skincare products I use are gentle to the skin as over the years I have finally realised that most products aimed for acne/oily skin dries the hell out of your skin!

      My skin type is oily, which sucks! I think to an extent at the moment the medication is controlling it, but the doctor is trying to help stop the spots from appearing. Once that’s nude control it’s to fight off scars and sebum.

      Are there any products you recommend for oily/acne prone skin? I want to find a new moisturiser, but I’m scared to try new products. As I tried new stuff recently but it’s caused my skin to react, which is a bummer!

      Once again thank you for your comment and reading my blog! (:

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