A two week roundup…

It’s the first time I’ve written one of those ’roundup’ posts (if thats what they are called on the blog’sphere).  I thought it would be nice to show you all, a little bit of what I got up in the last two weeks.

Top: Filming in London. Bottom: Meeting Chris van Tulleken

Top: Filming in London. Bottom: Meeting Chris van Tulleken

Few weeks ago, I was emailed by a TV production company to take part in a Health/Science program which was doing a topic about acne.  I will talk about this in another post, but got to meet the lovely Chris van Tulleken, who was very kind to tweet about my blog which ultimately contributed to my 96 views on Monday 5th May! Thank you Chris!

Mum's Birthday Dinner in Greenwich

Mum’s Birthday Dinner in Greenwich

It was my Mother’s birthday on Sunday 4th May, she turned 60 (she doesn’t look it, right?). Had some lovely starters, which consisted of lobsters, crab and roast suckling pig.  Yum! The mains were a let down, but overall it was a fun evening with the family.  And yes my aunt took the best natural photo ever of me (top right!)

Meeting Baby Trinity for the first time.

Meeting Baby Trinity for the first time.

Me and my bestie Eva (one on the right) went up to Cambridge on Bank Holiday Monday to visit our dear friend Wendy and her new born baby Trinity.  Trinity is such a cute baby, with big eyes and chubby cheeks!  My friend Wendy and her husband Andy owns two restaurants in Cambridge, called HK Fusion which serves typical HK cafe/din
er meals.  The food is awesome and yummy, so if you happen to visit Cambridge, please pop by and try their food.

Top Row: Kate Spade bargins. Bottom Row: BRGR.CO Soho Burgers Afternoon Tea

Top Row: Kate Spade bargains. Bottom Row: BRGR.CO Soho Burgers Afternoon Tea

Now those who subscribed to Kate Spade newsletter, would of heard of the amazing sample sale Kate Spade hosted last Wednesday and Thursday.  I was fortunate enough to be in London on Wednesday and I made a visit over to Kate Spade around 5pm.  There was a queue and I waited in line for 15 minutes with my friend who I dragged along after meeting her after work.  Now usually with designer samples sales I always find that it is never really THAT cheap, and there is still a big price tag, but oh boy Kate Spade’s sample sale was goooooooood.  I brought a new coral bag and tons of bracelets as you can see in the photos and it was cheap.  I will be doing a post soon on these bargain beauties I picked up.

On Sunday 11th, I went to a lovely afternoon tea in London with my friends from work.  There was a twist in this afternoon tea as we swapped sandwiches for burgers/sliders instead. Yuuuuuum! Again, I shall be posting a blog post about this soon.

The ladies at burger's afternoon tea.

The ladies at burger’s afternoon tea.

What did you get up to?



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