It’s a burger date @ BRGR.CO Soho!

I am a massive food lover, honestly I do not believe in diets.  I do not believe in cutting out carbs.  I believe in eating, and eating lots.  I am very grateful that I have easy access to great food, my mother is an exceptional cook and she makes the best home cooked vietnamese/chinese food and I have great transport access to visit many great food places in London.

So besides vietnamese/chinese food, which is one of my favourite cuisines.  I absolutely adore BURGERS. OMFG, I just love burgers.  Now I have to admit, I’ve only eaten burgers at GBK and Byron (Byron burgers are good).  I have yet to try Five Guys, Shake Shack (have to go for veg option, as I don’t eat beef), Honest Burgers and Patty & Bun.  But none the less I love burgers? Did I mention I love burgers? haha.

Moving on, the focus of this post is to talk to you about this marvellous eating afternoon outing I had last Sunday in London.  My good friend, Ellen arranged for a girl’s afternoon tea.  Now when you think of afternoon tea, you think of sandwiches, tea, desserts and scones… but ha!  There was a twist to this afternoon tea, we swapped sandwiches for burgers and we swapped hot tea for prosecco and iced tea!

This afternoon tea was brought to us by BRGR.CO Soho, as the name suggested the restaurant was in Soho, literally 10 seconds away from Oxford Street.


Now BRGR.CO, was always on my burger list to taste in London and I have walked past this restaurants many times on my frequent trips to London and the place is always buzzing!  We was sat at the back of the restaurant looking out onto the streets of Soho, we was greeted by a dare I say a very handsome waiter (to be honest most of their staff which was mainly men was very handsome!).  He explained exactly what was on the afternoon tea menu, to be honest we all knew what was on offer and even though it was a set money, there was room for change with the burgers.  I don’t eat beef so I swapped my beef for an extra lobster.

Shortly after the food landed, it was served on a metal tray with gingham greaseproof paper which included three mini burgers, 1 chicken and 2 lobster (which would of been 1 beef, 1 chicken and 1 lobster).  You also get a tiny portion of fries on the side.  The drinks included strawberry prosecco, cranberry iced tea and a mini shot glass vanilla milkshake.  Onto dessert, you get a small square chocolate brownie,  a mini salted caramel doughnut and a small shot glass portion of cheesecake.

My favourite burger was the chicken and I wished I actually ordered 2 chicken instead.  Just loved the mayonnaise sauce that was served.  The lobster was good but just a little bit too juicy.  The cranberry iced tea was a bit of a let down, couldn’t really taste the cranberry but the mini vanilla milkshake was delicious and made up for it.  The desserts were great, I am usually not a salted caramel girl and I loved the doughnut!


Overall, the food was delicious.  I was worried that it wouldn’t be enough food as I can eat a lot, but once I was done I felt just right.  Normally when you eat burgers, your stomach can feel a bit bloaty afterwards but I didn’t after this meal.  The setting for the food was a nice touch with the individual trays and everything was nicely laid out.

If you like afternoon tea and burgers, I would definitely recommend you visiting BRGR.CO and the afternoon tea was at a reasonable price of £17 per person and including service charge it came to £19.12.

Have you tried BRGR.CO Soho?



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