Street Feast London @ Dalston Yard


I have been lacking on the posts lately, it has been hard to post daily and keep it consistent and lately I have been busy with other stuff in my life.  But I really wanted to share this amazing food festival I went to last Saturday!

As I mentioned in my “It’s a burger date @ BRGR.CO Soho” post, I absolutely love food and eating.  Most of my friends have commented how come I am not a sphere / why I am so skinny despite eating so much for a girl. Haha.

So, Street Feast London has returned to Dalston Yard every Friday and Saturday from 5pm to midnight for 20 weekends.  The main point of Street Feast is to bring together London’s best food vendors, chefs and restaurants in an unique eating experience environment.  I wanted to go this last year, but by the time I found out about this they were already finished.  So this year I made sure I definitely won’t be missing this.

I went on the last May bank holiday weekend with two of my chums and boy was we in for a treat, we got there just before 7pm so we didn’t have to pay for entry.  After 7pm its £3 which isn’t much anyway.  As we got in the place was buzzing, with different street traders cooking up their food.  The whole venue was situated in a run down warehouse, with crates in places.  There was plenty of seating areas and fire pits in places so if you’re feeling cold, just hover around those!


There was plenty of food to choose from to eat, there was burgers, ribs, pizza’s, hot dogs and plenty more.  There was one trader that I really wanted to try was Yum Bun.  They reminded me of the pork buns that I ate in NYC at a restaurant called Momofuku.  To be honest they were almost identical, except for the buns served by Yum Buns were a lot thicker.  That day there were serving two types of buns, the pork bun and the tofu bun.  Me being a sucker for food I brought two pork buns for £7.00.  And boy were the good.  The fluffy, steamed and folded dough wrappers was stuffed with pork belly topped with hosin sauce, cucumbers and garnished spring onions.  OMGEEEEE they were soooooo good.  Just writing about them now really makes me want to eat another one!  It was a shame they didn’t sell more variety of their buns though, but thinking about it might be a good thing as I would of probably end up buying all the buns to eat!



The second vendor I tasted was Bob’s Lobster.  Street Feast created a Clam Shack for Bob’s Lobster where people can sit down and eat their tasty food.  On the menu there was a choice of Lobster Roll, Crab Roll, Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Ahi Tuna Taco and Bobs Beach Bucket, which consisted of lobster tail, clams, mussels, grilled sweetcorn and sausages.  I brought the lobster roll which costs £13, you can buy half the lobster roll for £7.   The lobster roll was filled with 1/4 of lobster, including tail, knuckle, claw and coral, served on a toasted brioche bun with homemade mayo, fresh lemon juice, fresh oregano, celery salt and smoked paprika.  At £13 you’re probably thinking OMGEE it is expensive, it probably was one of the expensive food served at Street Feast, but it was worth every penny.  The lobster was fresh and meaty.  The brioche bun was yummy and the homemade mayo, it was amazing.  Honestly it was worth the £13.



So if you’re in East London on Friday/Saturday, you sure know where to go! Street Feast London @ Dalston Yard is worth checking out.

Chums (:

Chums (:

Have you been to any food festivals in London?




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