Happy SUNday

Hola beautiful people!

Today has definitely been a sunny and hot day!  Now for those who know me, know I don’t do well in the heat/sun and despite being a summer born baby, summer is not my favourite season. But the last few days I have taken a liking to the sun, it has enabled me to spend my Friday evening laughing, eating and drinking away with my friends at the Street Feast London festival (yes I went there again…) and today I enjoyed walking around London in the sun as I went for my check up with the Chinese Doctor.  Though I shouldn’t complain about the 27 degrees we felt in London today, as my sister who resides in Dubai experienced 47 degrees! YIKES!

As I mentioned, I went for my check up today for my acne.  I knew it wouldn’t of been good news as last few days I have seen a few more spots appearing around my chin and mouth area.  I think partly is because it is that time of the mouth where mother nature is calling me (hahahaha!), it also didn’t help that I have been sleeping past 1am every single day this week and also I have been having maybe one too many cheat days.
Now I think the Chinese Doctor secretly knows why I got spots and was very nice about it in that she said well only you will know why you had a few more spots this time round and advised me strictly to monitor what I eat and if it has caused a small breakout of spots, and try not to go out as much and if I do I need to be back by 10pm!  Though bad news does bring good news she did say however my hormone levels are pretty good.
So I have decided that I need to be good, not eating junk and fried food may seem like a chore at the moment, but in the long run it will help with my skin.  Not that I have been binging on crisps every day lately but I need to be aware when I do eat out the food option I choose.  The plus side is that this will help me shed those 2lbs!  I also need to be a good girl and limit my social outings, if I do go out I need to be a good girl and return home by 10pm and lastly need to be in bed by 12pm.

This week I am going to the Aegon Championships (exciting!!!) on Tuesday and Friday, don’t worry I will try and be home way before 10pm!  I hope I get to see Andy Murray and Tsonga play. And talking about tennis, commiserations to Novak Djokovic in losing the French Open to Rafael Nadal today, it was an intense match with some impressive shots and rallies.  I am sure Novak will win the French Open one day, but for now it looks like Nadal is the reigning man on clay court.

Happy SUNday!

What did you get up to over the weekend? How did you spend your SUNday?




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