My Favourite Snacks


I’m pretty sure you guys know that I pretty much love eating.  I have recently been complaining about putting 2lbs on and I am trying to be good in order to shift that extra weight.  But still when i see my favourite food, for some reason that extra 2lbs I was trying to shift is now out of my mind…

So correct me if I am wrong, I am almost certain that every human being out there enjoying snacking, it could be a healthy snack like nuts, seeds and fruit or it could be an unhealthy snack, like sweets, chocolate and crisps.  I snack…not so much as I used to do as taking Chinese acne medication has forced me to give up on a lot of my favourite things, like crisps.  Though I still enjoying eating biscuits and sweets. haha.  I have put together some of my favourite snacks that I could eat all time.  Though in reality I don’t think you should as it is important to maintain a healthy eating balance.


Cheetos Puffs | Now these are the American version of Wotsits, BUT like 10000000 times better. Firstly the puff is huge and its soooo cheesy too.  Now I am usually not a cheese fan, but then I guess these are not exactly like lumps of cheese, but these are just so good.  I could easily eat them all in one sitting.  I’m not sure if you can purchase these in the UK, but if you have American friends and family get them to send you some over!

Butterkist Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Popcorn | Butterkist has recently launched a load of new flavours to their popcorn selection, and being a sucker for salt and vinegar flavour I had to try these. There are not as salty and vinegary as I would like them to be, but they are still tasty!  I know some might think its a bit weird to have different flavour popcorn, but don’t knock it till you try it!

Pocky Milk Flavour Coated Biscuit Sticks | Now every oriental kid must have grew up eating these…I certainly did.  I remember every time I went to Chinatown with my mum in London when I was small, I always had to buy a box of the strawberry pocky sticks.  Now strawberry is one of my favourite flavours, but I think the milk flavour ones may have took the number one spot.

Marks & Spencer Dutch Shortcake | Now buttery biscuits are to die for, and these Marks and Spencer biscuits, ah amazing.  About 1/4 of the biscuit is covered in chocolate and the rest if the all so mouth melting shortcake.  Be warned, you can’t just have one biscuit, you got to have at least another one, and another one…oh wait the whole packet! haha.

What is your all time favourite snacks?




4 responses to “My Favourite Snacks

  1. hmmmm I wonder why someone has put on 2lbs – where’s my wotsits anyway I’m sure they weren’t in the stash I collected yonks ago…maybe I’m being greedy lol!!!

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