Nuxe Gentle Toning Lotion

I stumbled across Nuxe Gentle Toning Lotion on Escentual when they did a 1/3 off on all their french pharmacy brands (which by the way is live again!) and did a quick google search and found that this product was alcohol and paraben free and also non-comedogenic.  I brought this product in Paris back in April and have been using it religiously for over a month and thought it is about time I share my thoughts on this product.

Prior to using this toner, I was using Tropic Vitamin Toner but with it being at £15 and only available to purchase online I wanted to find something else that was more available to buy in store or even online (but didn’t charge me for delivery!) and this my beauties was the product I found.

I never heard of Nuxe until I started blogging and reading lots of beauty blogs and everyone on the blog’sphere was raving about the Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm that I knew such brand existed.


Nuxe website states: This toning lotion soothes, refreshes and completes make-up removal for perfect results. It also prepares the skin for  your day or night cream.  Gentle Toning Lotion completes make-up removal (Ultra Soft Surfactants from Coconut derivative) without drying out the skin (Hyaluronic acid of natural origin). Skin is smooth (Witch Hazel Water), soothed and softened (Floral Water from Damascena Rose Petals, Allantoin).  Suitable for normal to dry sensitive skin.

What I think:  This product smells divine, purely because it contains rose petals.  It smells like rose tea, pure gorgeous scent.  I apply this am and pm after I have cleansed my face and I find that it tones and hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling very fresh.  It doesn’t dry out my skin at all and with my skin being acne prone it is good news for all acne sufferers that this did not cause me to breakout or aggravate any existing blemishes.  All thanks to the toner containing zero alcohol and with it being non comedogenic.  Now don’t expect it to help clear up acne as this is not what this toner is for.  If you want something that can help with acne, you need to invest in an exfoliating toner, which is next on my list of beauty buys!  Overall, it is definitely a product worth buying.  Ditch the toners that leave your skin feeling dry and tight and invest in this divine toner.

You can buy this product directly from Nuxe and Marks and Spencer for £13.50 or at Escentual for £9.00

Have you tried any of Nuxe products before?



4 responses to “Nuxe Gentle Toning Lotion

    • Hello Sinéad! Thank you for your comment. (:
      It really is a nice gentle toner, very hydrating and soothing. I will definitely recommend it! xxx

  1. I have been using the eye cream since a week ago. although I haven’t seen any improvement on my puffy eyes, but I think I will give it a try until a month AND THE SOOTHING SCENT IS REALLY WONDERFUL I CANT RESIST IT HAHA. hope it will reduce significantly since I read that someone thinks that her baggy eyes has been lessening. thinking of buying other things next month, such as the dry oil, the famous lip balm, the hand cream. I’m eager also about this toner. thanks for the review, perhaps I will buy it along with other products.

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