#TheSecretsOut – La Roche-Posay


Judging from the title and the hashtag,  I assume most of you will know what I am talking about.  That’s right, one of the most anticipated beauty products in the beauty/blog’sphere is available in the UK.  You read it correctly.  AVAILABLE IN THE UK.  You no longer need to go onto eBay to purchase it or travel all the way to France (though you still would for all the other beauty stuff that we don’t have in the UK) to get it.   I am talking about La Roche-Posay Serozinc*.

Now, I am a little bit late with this post and I am sure it has gone viral and crazy over the Internet already, but accept my apologies I have been out of the country for most of December.

I was very lucky and fortunate to been invited to this exclusive La Roche-Posay event on Monday 8th December by Dowal Walker held at the stunning The Magazine Restaurant at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery.  At first when I received the email, I thought it got sent to the wrong person.  The reason being I am not the most active blogger at all.  My last post was seven months ago and I thought to myself wow did I really get this invite.  Of course I was so happy, excited and over moon.  I didn’t know what to expect or what the announcement was going to be.

So on Monday along with my friend Jodi from jaeydarobin, we made our way to the event.  When I got there I was greeted by the lovely people at Dowal Walker and I immediately saw a huge life size prop of Serozinc and I thought to myself that’s the big secret.  The room was filled with lots of other beauty bloggers (who I happen to meet a few, exchanged twitter and instagram usernames and became blogger friends).  We was served with delicious canapés, mocktails, cocktails and champagne.  What a  great way to start the festive celebrations.


Throughout the room there were stands that had the Serozinc and Effacer 3-Step Anti-Blemish System products on display for us to take photos, read and look at the products.  There was a fancy blue carpet – obviously after all its the colour of the brand. It truly was a stunning event.

During the event, there were two talks one from Dowal Walker Agency and the other one from Dr Tabi Leslie (Consultant Dematologist) who explained how we can tackle oily, blemish prone skin using the right regime.  After the event, everyone was given a goodie bag.  It was far from what I expected.  I assumed we would get Serozinc, but I didn’t expect to get four other products too.  In the goodie bag I got the following:

1. Serozinc (full size)*.
2. Effaclar Duo + (full size)*.
3. Anthelios XL Fluid (full size)*.
4. Toleriane Ultra Moisturisr (full size)*.
5. Physiological Cleansing Gel (full size)*.


So the cult product, Serozinc what’s so good about it?  The product is advertised as an mist formula toner designed for oily, blemish prone skin combating shine and grease and offering pore tightening benefits.  I did buy this product before back in April 2014 and I used it on and off for a few days and I didn’t really think much of it.  But this time round I am going to give it a fair go and use it consistently for few weeks to see if this is really a cult beauty product to have.  Watch this space.


You can buy this product from Escentual at £8.50.  They are currently offering 20.15% off everything, using the code: ESCENTUAL2015.

Have you tried this cult product?  What are your thoughts?



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