R.E.D – The colour you need on your lips. 💋💄

Exactly just how many red lipsticks can one girl own?  THE ANSWER: UNLIMITED. (I’m sure there is a limit…or not).

I never was a lipstick wearer, the thought of having to re apply after a drink or a meal is really off putting.  I think I find it odd in the middle of a conversation just pull out a mirror and reapply my lipstick. haha.  But since purchasing the Maxfactor lip pen, it changed my mind because actually I DO suit red lipstick.  I seriously do think that red is an universal colour that suits every colour complexion.

Across the blog’sphere, I guess the most popular luxury brands for lipsticks are M.A.C, Tom Ford, Chanel, Dior, YSL et all and the popular drugstore brands are like Rimmel, Revlon, Maybelline, Topshop and et all.  Now I’m not lucky to be one of those bloggers that can afford to purchase the luxury lipsticks, when I do its usually because it was on offer (YES the M.A.C lipstick was purchased on National Lipstick Day!).

As I don’t wear lipstick every day, only when I am going out/special occasions I can’t really say whether or not buying luxury lipsticks are the way forward.  I guess you get what you paid for, but seriously some of the drugstore lipsticks are pretty good.

So, I present to you the red lipsticks that I own.

(L to R: M.A.C, Bourjois, Topshop, Maybelline, &Other Stories, Rimmel, Etude House)

(L to R: M.A.C, Bourjois, Topshop, Maybelline, & Other Stories, Rimmel, Etude House)

M.A.C in Ruby Woo. This is one of the best selling MAC lipsticks ever.  I think every girl probably has this shade in their makeup collection.  I brought this when Debenhams was doing an offer for National Lipstick Day and the lipstick was reduced to £10 from £15,  I also had £5 beauty card points to redeem, so I only paid £5.50 for the lipstick!  WHAT A BARGAIN.  I have since worn this once, and it is not the most easiest lipstick to apply, because its so matte it makes it so difficult.  Had i known (I just brought this online without actually testing it out in store), I think I would of gone with Lady Danger instead.  But saying that, it should be a colour that everyone should own.

Bourjois Rouge Edition in Pretty Prune (14).  I read great reviews about the Bourjois lipstick range, and being an avid lover of their CC cream I don’t think their lipstick will disappoint.  Plus also considering they are the baby sister brand of Chanel, thats a bonus!  This lipstick is the the darkest shade of red that I own out of all the other reds.  Now this lipstick is a bit of a gamble for me, as I never tried dark lipstick not sure I can pull it off but after reading reviews about this particular shade, I knew I had to take the plunge and buy it!  Lets hope it works out.

Topshop Lips in Hazard.  Despite no longer a fan of the clothes they sell, I am a big fan of their make up range.  Especially the products for the lips.  My friend brought me one of their Lip Bullets in Joyride for my christmas present last year and the colour is gorgeous.  It was a dream to apply and to wear and I was genuinely surprised.  I don’t know I think I had the assumption that their makeup wouldn’t be very good, but boy was I wrong.  Now back to Hazard, I brought this lipstick in the sale.  It was reduced from £8 to £4, a very good bargain.  It looks like another perfect red.

Maybelline Color Sensational in Pleasure Me Red (547). This was another lipstick that was brought on the whim and maybe the exact time I brought the maxfactor one.  At that time I didn’t even think to do some research on their lipsticks, but I since have and this shade of lipstick is the No.1 selling red lipstick in the US Maybelline Color Sensational range.  You might think why?  Because it was worn by Christy Turlington in the ad campaign for it, so not a bad buy after all.  If its good enough for a supermodel its good enough for me! I have yet to worn this lipstick but just looking at it I know its definitely a shade that is going to work like a dream.

& Other Stories in Ducape Red.  For those who haven’t visited & Other Stories beauty section, you are missing out.  You need to make a trip down to London and visit their store in Regent Street fast.  I want everything they sell in their beauty section, especially all their hand and body creams/lotion. Haha.  Despite just confessing my love for their beauty stuff, I never paid much attention to their make up stuff.  But one evening I popped in and was testing out their hand lotions and I saw one of the assistant applying this lipstick onto the girl, my eyes popped open!  You may laugh at what I just said, but another girl was asking the assistant can she try the shade too!  But the colour is so nice, I have worn it once on a night out and it too applies very well and lasts a long time too.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 01.  Like I said before, if its good enough for a supermodel and especially Kate Moss then its good enough for me!  Like the Maybelline one, Kate also wears this shade on the ad campaign.  I have worn this shade once, and its a nice classic red, great for a casual or chic look!  Its a great staple red to have in your makeup collection.

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lipstick in RD302.  Korean beauty/makeup brought us the wonderful BB cream, which they expanded to CC and DD(? – may have made that up!) and Korean makeup is amazing and so affordable.  Not to mention they sure know how to brand their products. JUST LOOK AT THE PACKAGING, compared to the other lipsticks!!!  Its just a shame in the UK, its very hard to purchase Korean makeup and buying it from eBay you run the risk that it might be a fake or its out of date.  However you can purchase Korean beauty brands from a website called Cosmetic Love, I did lots of extensive google research and its safe to say that they sell genuine authentic Korean brands and they offer free shipping and prices are quite reasonable.
Anyway, so I brought this in my recent trip to Hong Kong and I took the plunge with buying this lipstick and only did a quick 5 mins walking around the shop google search on my phone and found that this shade is one of their top selling shades and its always sold out in store.  They are right there, out of all the shades they have this one only had one left, and who brought the last one?  That’s right, moi.

(L to R: M.A.C, Bourjois, Topshop, Maybelline, & Other Stories, Rimmel, Etude House)

(L to R: M.A.C, Bourjois, Topshop, Maybelline, & Other Stories, Rimmel, Etude House)

Conclusion:  I own 7 red lipsticks, yet I’m always still looking for more.

How many red lipsticks are in your collection?  Do you own any of the lipsticks I have?



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      • Aww, lovely! You’re too sweet! 🙏😌

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