Topshop Lip Bullets

IMG_3585 Yes another lip colour posts. But this time focusing on just one brand and that is the lovely Topshop. Despite going off on their clothes and I do adore their make up range.  I find them on trend, great selection of colours and most importantly purse friendly prices.  I always find that every time I visit their makeup counter, I am always humming and ahhing over their products because frankly not quite sure which one I should get.

My first Topshop makeup product was given to me as Christmas present from my friend back in 2013.  She brought me the travel size version of Joyride Lip Bullet and after wearing it in at a wedding last summer I was sold on the product and formulation.  It was the most easiest lip colour to wear ever. The lip bullets are a twist up, self-sharpening format with a buildable, moisturising finish, these glide on the lips like a dream and you often find one swipe is more than enough for a great coverage and pigmentation on the lips.

I currently own three colours of the lip bullets and they are Joyride, Tamed and Cherry Tree.

(L to R: Joyride, Tamed, Cherry Tree)

(L to R: Joyride, Tamed, Cherry Tree)

As you can see Joyride has lost its shape, though I am at fault with this as I didn’t put the lid back on and chucked it inside my handbag and the lid came off and it smudged across my wallet and kind of got its shaped ruined. Oops.

Joyride is a bright classic red. Tamed is a nude pink shade. Cherry Tree is a more cool red in comparison to Joyride. I would say you roughly get about 3-4 hours wear before you need to top up. I would definitely recommend you trying out the lip bullets.  They are very good value for money.  You might happen to pick some up on the sale still.  I got Tamed and Cherry Tree as a duo for £5.00.

Sadly on the website, they are not selling anymore of the above three shades. But you can try your luck in store!

Have you tried the Lip Bullet range?  Have you brought anything from the Topshop Makeup range?



5 responses to “Topshop Lip Bullets

  1. i’ve heard so many great things about these! i really want to try them now too :) the colors look gorgeous. great post! <3
    instagram: the_ch1ara

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! I am so jealous you’re from NYC!

      I definitely recommend you investing in some of these bad boys. Almost all the colours they have in the collection is wearable! xox

  2. I had one of the girls in Topshop use one of the lip bullets on me when they did my make up but never found the shade again (how upsetting!). You got those shades for such a bargain! I am currently running to my local Topshop with a huge amount of hope right now!

    Rachael at

    • I always love it when I pick up sale makeup items from Topshop. I hope you will find some bargains too Rachael. If you do, don’t forget to share it with me! x

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