Happy Chinese New Year! 🎋🐑

恭喜發財!祝大家新年快樂,身體健康,開開心心,財源廣進, 羊年行大運 ,喜氣洋洋!恭喜恭喜!

Happy Chinese New Year! Hope the year of Sheep brings everyone great health, great fortune, lots of love and happiness!

Wishing everyone around the world a very Happy Chinese New Year! 😁🎋🐑🎉

Are you celebrating Chinese New Year?



5 responses to “Happy Chinese New Year! 🎋🐑

  1. Happy chinese new year! :-) I wish my family celebrated it in the proper way. We used to get new PJ’s and the red wheel with the candied fruits on it, but that fizzled out a long time ago! Hope you enjoy a week of celebrations! xxx

    • Happy New Year Sarah! Awwwww that’s a shame, but you still get red pockets though, right? Hehe. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family! (: xox

  2. I think we may be having Bo’s parents at ours on the weekend. We’d usually do it the weekend before, as it’s unlucky to celebrate after, but Sephie decided that wasn’t going to work this year lol.

    • Happy Chinese New Year Amii! Wish you and your family a great year filled with lots of love happiness and health. Also congratulations on your new born! xxx

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