Latest in Beauty x British Beauty Blogger: Givenchy Iconic Products Beauty Box

Wow.  The title is a mouthful!  So I brought this box a few weeks ago and sadly it’s no longer available.  Not sure if it actually did sell out or it was only on for a limited time, but I’m glad I am one of the many hundreds that brought this box.

In my previous Latest In Beauty Box review, you know that I am very fond of the brand itself and I love their collaborated beauty boxes.  I am looking forward to the Glamour Spring Edit Beauty Box, which is available on 3rd March.

This wonderful Givenchy box was handpicked the Jane Cunningham from British Beauty Blogger.  The 8/9 products were chosen as an emblem of excellence within the brand to allow us to know Givenchy a little bit better.  The ninth product was picked by Givenchy itself, each box will get either a Givenchy Purse or Notebook.

Now truthfully, I have never used Givenchy ever.  I think the brand itself appeals to women from 35+, like Lancôme so I just didn’t really give it any attention.  So when I saw Jane’s post about this limited beauty box, I had to get it!  Priced at £18.95 (including p+p) for 9 items, it was a bargain!


What’s inside?

The products were wrapped in black Givenchy tissue paper (very classy) with a Givenchy sticker to seal it.  I really didn’t want to open it and when I did I carefully peeled away the sticker to avoid any damage to the tissue paper (that was a success!).

Lots of wonderful Givenchy beauties.

Lots of wonderful Givenchy beauties.

Now let me give you a breakdown of what was inside the box:

Givenchy Foundation (1 empty bottle for a 5 day foundation trial + FREE make-over invitation)
I am always on a look out for a foundation that would suit my yellow skin tone and my acne/oily/sensitive skin type and sadly I have never ever found one.  So I am excited to go and see if Givenchy has one that is right for me and excited to get a free make over.  I am going to book the 1 on 1 make-up lesson.

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Luminescence Moisturising Cream (5ml Sample Size)
The hydra sparkling range is about creating hydrating and luminous skin.  Jane describes the texture as cooling and gel-like so it feels light on the complexion.  The cream is suitable for normal – combination skin.  Intrigued to try this, but it is only a winner for me if it doesn’t aggravate my acne/sensitive skin!

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling One Minute Glow Powder Sachet (0.5g Sample Sachet)
So its a cleansing powder, which is strange as I never used a cleansing powder before.  The idea is to tip a little of the product into the palm of your hand and mix it with a tiny bit of water and then massage the paste onto your skin.  The result is that you’re left with is skin that is thoroughly cleansed and smooth.

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Nude Look BB Cream (2ml Sample Size)
I never been a fan of Western brand BB creams, as I have always found that their colour range doesn’t match to Asian skin tones.  The shade included is Medium Beige, which I think will be bit dark for me, so I think I will have to pass this to my mother who has a dark complexion compared to me.  The product itself boasts a thin, melting and comfortable texture that combines the unique technology of Sparkling Water Complex with a combination of active ingredients to moisturise, unify, correct, protect and brighten the skin in just one step.

Givenchy Mini Le Rouge Lipstick (shade 202 Rose Dressing) (1.5g Sample Size)
This is the cutest mini lipstick ever, it also comes in its own little box!  So adorable.  Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick range gives an intense colour that feels lightweight on the lips making it comfortable to wear and boasts a rich colour where one stroke is all you need.  The shade Rose Dressing is a coral pink shade (in the leaflet it looks red), so I’m not sure if I can pull off this shade but it is a shade that I think we go well in the spring/summer season.

Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara: The Iconic Reinvented (4g Sample Size)
Considering full size mascara is 7g, I am pretty happy with this sample size.  So 2015 Givenchy decided to revamp this mascara and combines the iconic spherical brush with a new generation formula that defines, lengthens and curls the lashes in an intense black shade.  I am excited to try this, never had a mascara that has a spherical brush head.  Being Asian I have typical Asian girl problem, where my lashes are straight so lets see if this mascara lives up to its claim.

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Perfume (1ml Sample)
This perfume sample is presented in a gold organza bag which I will be reusing for gifts.  The fragrance itself has floral, woody and musky notes, once dried down it leaves a divine sensual smell.  Very hollywood glamour.  Now its not a scent I will usually go for, as I am more of a fruity and floral scent lover.  However it is always good with try new perfumes.

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense Perfume (1ml Sample)
Like the Givenchy Dahlia Divin perfume sample this too was presented in a organza bag but in the colour black (matches the perfume bottle).  Now I don’t have an other half, so I guess I will be using this product.  The scent is described in the leaflet as a woody, spicy and citrus blend that plays with the senses.  Smells gorgeous and manly (haha), so I will recommend you buying this for your other half!

Givenchy Purse
So most people that brought the box wanted the purse.  However I really wanted the notebook, so if you got the notebook but wanted the purse I am willing to do a swap, so get in touch if you want to trade!  The purse is a cute, black patent heart but i have lots of coin purses and I don’t think I will get much use out of it.  Though it is a nice touch from Givenchy.

Conclusion is that I am pleased with this box.  The samples are a little bit on the small side however given the cost of the products in full size, £18.95 is a bargain.  As I have never tried Givenchy before, I am excited to try out the products as well as getting my free make up lesson.

Sadly the beauty box is no longer available, but going forward you should subscribe to the Latest In Beauty newsletter so you’re always kept up to date with their new beauty box launches.

Did you manage to pick up this box?  If so let me know what your thoughts are.



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