Hot off the press: Acne Update

Last time I wrote about my acne was back in May 2014, you can read all that here.  So it has been a while since I have spoken about my current skin/acne situation.  I still suffer from acne (ha!), still on medication (ha!), but it’s a vast improvement to what it was when I first started taking medication and my acne and skin has improved since May 2014 update.

I think I may have hit the nail on the head, when I say that you only notice the difference to your acne/skin when someone comments on it.  The reason being because every day you are looking at your face, whether its when you’re washing your face, to you blow drying your hair and to you wearing makeup.  You are constantly looking in the mirror and looking at your face so it is easy for you not to see the changes.  My mum always kindly points out when I have spots on my face (gee thanks mum!).

Below are photos of what my face looked like before medication, what it looked like during medication and what it looks like now as of 25.02.2015.  Be warned these photos are not pretty, (if you can’t handle it, then look away now!  Also sorry for badly taken photos).


When my skin got bad.

As you can see from the photo above, I had deep red scarring and lots of red blotchy spots.  I would say this was when my skin was as its worse and for the first time since suffering acne at the age of 16 where I felt sad and upset by acne.  It was then I knew I had to do something.  Medication prescribed by the GP, which were either antibiotics, the pill or cream were not working, so I decided to take a different route to help improve my acne, which was Chinese medication.

My skin during the course of taking Chinese medication

My skin during the course of taking Chinese medication

During taking Chinese medication, words cannot describe how bad my face looked.  I literally had a new active spots every day and they came in a strong army form (maybe a slight exaggeration, but you get my drift).  I think it took at least about 4-6 months before my skin started to calm down and for the spots not to come in such large quantities.


My current skin (photo taken on 25.02.15)

At this current point, and just looking back at this photos,  I am happy to say my ACNE has improved dramatically!  The scarring on my face has improved, the marks are not as deep.  I now tend to have an outbreak when my period is due (damn you mother nature!).  At first I wasn’t so sure but these last two times before my period is due, I have been trying my best to limit the amount of times I eat out/stay out late and I can definitely say its due to hormones when I have an outbreak near my period.  When mother nature is not calling, I get a few spots now and again, but nothing my spot cream can’t handle.

I mean it when I say this, that I wish no one suffers from adult acne.  Though that is not always the case, but what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.

My advice would be that if acne is upsetting you, then please do speak to someone.  Go and see your GP, if they give you antibiotics, please SAY NO.  They do not work.  Push for a referral to see a dermatologist or seek other ways of fighting acne, like I went to see a Chinese Doctor instead of taking Roaccutane.

As with products, my advice would be stick to products that are non comedogenic and does not contain any ingredients listed on this site here.  If after using a product and your skin feels dry and tight.  STOP.  Your skin is telling you the product is too strong/harsh.

Finally, always remain positive and don’t let acne define who you are.  There will be times when it looks like there is no light at the end of the tunnel and that acne will be with you forever.  But it won’t, you just need to not give up and keep on fighting it!  As one day you will be the winner.

Do you suffer from acne?  How are you battling with acne?



13 responses to “Hot off the press: Acne Update

  1. Hi Julie, looks like you’ve had a great improvement in your acne. Like you said it’s sometimes difficult to tell your progress because you’re looking at it everyday. What’s the saying….A watched pot never boils :)
    Best of luck to you on your continuing journey!

    • Hi Brian,

      Thank you for the lovely comment! Perfect way to start my Friday off. (:

      Hope you have a great weekend x

  2. I love this so much! I too suffer from acne and scarring, I can easily relate to this post. Keep going girl!!! You are beautiful and such an inspiration :) xxx

    • Hello! Thank you for your kind words! :D
      Acne is a pain in the butt and it’s nice (well not nice to hear there are people suffering from it) but nice to know that there are other people on the same boat as me!

      Your blog is fab and I love your style! (: xox

  3. So glad it’s improved for you, I’m really glad to read a post about acne where you can genuinely see that they don’t let their acne define them, good on you! I absolutely know how it feels (mother nature can be a cow, can’t it?) , been there done that – here’s to better skin in the future! Xx

    • Hello Zahra! Happy Easter!

      Thank you so much for your kind words, it really means a lot. (:

      Yes screw Mother Nature. I think products and medication can help acne but also have a positive outlook on it also helps too. (:

      I will drink to that! Cheers to better skin in the future. 🍹

      Hope you have a lovely weekend (: xxx

  4. I’m 39 and still have acne. Your photos really upset me as I know how hard it is to cover up angry spots, and I hate that you had to go through such a long period before things got better.
    Last time I mentioned it to my GP they kind of brushed it off. At my age it would’ve been nice for them to make an effort to ask me more rather than just print a prescription. I’ve lived like this so long that I kind of just accept it as my life now. I should ask to be referred but arguing with a gp stresses me out and I can’t keep leaving work to attend appointments.

    • Hello! I’m so sorry to hear about your bad experience with the GP and when it comes to skin issues GP’s are rubbish.
      Please don’t give up on getting the right treatment for your acne as t is never too late. Go and speak to your GP and tell him/her that enough is enough and you want to speak to a dermatologist about your acne. Everyone has a right to get the right treatment for themselves! (:

  5. Wow. What a transformation! Your skin looks great! Your blog is so inspiring to me. I’ve been suffering with acne around my chin area and I’ve been taking Chinese medicine for the last 1.5 month now. Sometimes like you said, I’m not sure if this medication is working or not. But I will give some more time to see how it goes. Again, thank you and you are such an inspiration:)

    • Hi May! Thank you for your kind comments.

      Chinese medication is a slow process, but you will gradually see results. You will get days/months where the skin is better and then its not. Acne is a pain but never give up! There is always a light at the end of the tunnel., and together will can fit off acne! (: xxx

  6. You are so brave for doing this post! Well done! Glad to see its improving for you. I used to suffer from bad skin (still get a few spots and scarring now), but I find that completely cutting or dairy and eating minimal amounts of sugar really helps.

    Arianna x

    • Hi Arianna! Thank you so much for your kind words. I don’t drink milk at all. Try my hardest to limit on other food that contains dairy. Also try my best to cut out sugar! But it’s tough to say no to sweets and cakes sometimes! x

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