Beauty Wish List

If I could, I would own the whole of Selfridges & Co Beauty Department, but too bad it’s very unlikely that will ever happen.  But still one can always dream.  Like most beauty/makeup/skincare addicts, we all have a wish list.  Items we have seen, but don’t have the money or the need to buy it just yet but in the near distance future the item will be safely in your hands.

Last time I did one of these posts was back in June 2014, you can read it here.  From the list, I did buy the Pixi Glow Tonic however my skin didn’t agree with it.  Nor did my skin agree with the Nars, but the Tom Ford lipsticks are still on top of my wish list.  At this moment, I am currently lusting over these items:

Beauty Wish List 2

Left, going clockwise: The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil, Hourglass Dim Infusion Ambient Lighting Blush and Chloe Love Story Perfume.

The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil – £10.00 | I am a massive fan of micellar water as they don’t cause my skin to have a spot outbreak, an allergic reaction or aggravate my acne.  Prior to micellar water, I was using the cult Shu Uemura Fresh Cleansing Oil to remove my makeup but I found that it was this product (after using it for 12 months, yes I was a bit slow back then), that was causing me to have under the skin bumps.  I wasn’t as skin savvy as I was back then and I now know that anything that contains mineral oil, is a massive no no for people with acne prone skin.
You might be thinking, so why am I now wanting to try The Body Shop one, well because it doesn’t contain mineral oil.  That’s a bonus.  It’s suitable for sensitive skin, another bonus. Finally skincare god, Caroline Hirons uses it.  That alone is the only reason you need to invest in this.  Now compared to Shu Uemura, The Body Shop’s version is very purse friendly at £10 for 200ml as oppose to £30 for 150ml.  Every few months The Body Shop always do special offers, so the next time I see the 40% offer, I will be clicking away on their website.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Dim Infusion – £28.00 | I am a big fan of Hourglass. Their Mineral Veil Primer is my HG primer.  The only downside to Hourglass is that it is very expensive to purchase in the UK compared to the US.  I am kicking myself slightly here, as I forgot to ask my friend to purchase this blusher for me, when I asked her to get me the primer as she is currently in LA.  Oh well.  Back to this gorgeous product, just look at it, it is so pretty.  I am thinking now, if I buy this product I might not want to use this and just stare at it in its pristine condition (okay, slightly weird…haha).  The blush is described as the next generation blush in makeup, as unlike traditional blushers that are flat, the Ambient Lighting Blush gives depth and dimension thanks to the combined lightning effects of the Ambient Lighting Powder.  The product comes in six shades and the shade I like is Dim Infusion, which is described as a “subdued coral”, and given my yellow undertone I find coral blushers goes well with my complexion.

Chloé Love Story Eau De Parfum Spray – £47.00 (30ml) | Chloé Signature perfume is one of my favourite scents amongst all the Marc Jacobs perfume I love and I always get excited when Chloé launch a new perfume to add to their wonderful existing range.  The latest edition to the family is Chloé Love Story.  Just the design of the bottle itself is a winning product for me.  I like the intricate gold handle that allows you to carry the perfume and like most of the Chloé perfume the signature ribbon is there.  Love Story is described as an inspiration by Parisian romance and the love padlocks on the bridge of the Pont des Arts (beautiful place), which is referenced in the campaign and the bottle design.
Fragrance Direct is selling the perfume 30ml perfume at £41.99, £5.01 cheaper than the RRP.  You can buy it here.

What’s is on your beauty list?  Do you have or want any of the items I have mentioned?



15 responses to “Beauty Wish List

    • Hi Lauren!

      Thank you for the tip! Yes next time when The Body Shop does their marvellous discounts, I’m going to grab myself a bottle!

      Have a fab weekend!

      Julie xox

      • I love when The Body Shop do discounts, they are fab and pretty frequent! Thank you :) You have a good weekend too!

      • Hey Kayden! Body shop did 40% off and I brought one yesterday! Can’t wait to try it. :D x

  1. Yes! I really want the The ambient blush badly! Also, in my current wish list is Urban Decay Naked 2&3. I have been meaning to buy them, but I ended up buying something else every time I shopped =_=” I guess I have too much on my list :P

    • I know! The ambient blusher is so pretty! But I don’t think I will use it if I buy one. Don’t want to ruin it haha.

      ahhhh yes the famous UD Naked palettes. I brought the W7 In The Nude palette which is a Naked 3 dupe but I have yet to try it. Need to master how wear eyeshadow and the blending process. Haha. xox

      • I think so too! >.>
        that’s what actually happened to my Stila Eyes the window eyeshadow.. LOL! :P
        I don’t have the heart to ruin it.. so, it still sits nicely on my drawer.. I guess there are many dupes of UD Naked, huh? I bought the ChiChi Cosmetic Nudes; it is the dupe of Naked 1 :) It’s almost the same actually. It’s Australian brand, but they ship worldwide. Hahaha.. me too, I am not that good yet too.. still need more practice :) Hopefully, I can go to makeup academy #Iwish :P
        nice to meet you btw ^.^

      • Ahhhh nice to meet you too! I tried to view your blog but it says it doesn’t exist? 😕

        I know that’s the thing with makeup that looks pretty you don’t want to ruin it at all!

        I bet once you got your makeup skills sorted you can go to makeup academy! (: xxx

      • Ahhh for some reason when you leave a comment it comes up with as the link!

        The new link works, have followed you! (: xxx

      • Ic… I have been trying to change the name of the link to match my IG name, so, does it come up as beautynarts or jovialbeauty now? (just to make sure)

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