Doing a Daily Cleanse with Hum Nutrition

As many of you may know, I suffer from acne.  If you don’t you can read my story here and my latest acne update here.  To help with my acne, I take Chinese medication and I try to eat as healthy as possible, little sugar/junk/greasy/spicy food and also staying positive and be happy!

I’m always seeking any tips and ideas that can help my acne battling process in conjunction with taking Chinese medication and it was like someone heard my thoughts as last month I received an email from Hum Nutrition.  I can’t speak for everyone that lives in the UK, but I’m sure there are a fair few that have never heard of Hum Nutrition.  So when I received the email from them, I went straight to my trusty friend Google and started doing my research.

Hum Nutrition was created by Chris and Walter who decided to give the nutrition market a new outlook as having struggled with breakouts, gaining unwanted points and getting ripped off by so called experts in vitamin stores and getting confused with it all they decided to do something better: become the best beauty nutrition business in the world and reinvent Beauty Nutrition.

Taken from the website: Hum’s mission is simple: to become the best beauty nutrition business in the world. We achieve this by connecting you with a free personal nutritionist, who will review your information to create your free personal profile and products that are rooted in science. Depending on your needs, our nutritionists suggest micro nutrients that help you support your health & beauty goals. All this happens online and to make your life easier, we ship personalized vitamins, minerals and botanicals right to your doorstep.

Hum Nutrition states that all their supplements are:

  • Pure & Potent
  • Gluten Free
  • No GMO
  • GMP Certified
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • No Artificial Colors & Preservatives

I was contacted by Julie Biegner who recommended me to try out one of their popular supplements: Daily Cleanse*.  Daily Cleanse is described as a supplement that cleanses the skin using botanical herbs including organic algae, kelp, and milk thistle. This nutrient-rich combination helps the body to get rid of acne-causing toxins for soft, clear skin.

Now the product is not claiming to cure acne or any skin problems you might have, but like Hum I do believe that beauty starts from within.  Using treatments on the outside is great but sometimes you need to have a look on the inside too.

Hum Nutrition also has many supplements that help with Dry Skin, Anti-Aging, Acne, Cleanse and Detox, Weight and Hair and Body. There is a supplement right for everyone.

After doing my research online, I decided to accept the kind offer that Julie was offering and she posted a bottle of Daily Cleanse to me.  I have to admit I was taken aback that a company in the US managed to find me and is willingly to send me something for free to try!  It gets me every time when I hear from companies.


With a little personal note from Hum.

Anyway, so I received the product on 16th February, it took roughly about 9 working days to arrive from the US which isn’t a long wait at all.  Julie advised me to take one pill twice a day in between meals.  One in between lunch and dinner, and one in the evening before bed.   I started taking the supplements on 23rd February, in conjunction with my taking my “Period Chinese Medication”, as this medication helps to ensure my period arrives on time, because the more over due it is the more spots I get.   So I thought it would be great to see if these supplements can help with my breakouts as I breakout a lot in the run up to my period (mother nature bah!).

Did it help? The golden question.  So two weeks in, yes it did.  As my breakouts during my period this time round was so minimal.  I had a few small spots every odd day but compared to the previous month where I got few big spots as well as small ones, this month was a massive improvement!  I even allowed myself to have a few sneaky fries when I was eating out.  I am also glad that I didn’t react to these supplements, as you can never tell with the ingredients used to create these supplements if your body will agree and obviously it didn’t aggravate any of my existing acne nor did it cause me to breakout too.  Everyone’s a winner.

So far, I am loving these supplements and I believe they do help my acne.  I do not expect these to clear my skin and for it to become spot free, but they are helping with the outbreaks.  I will be doing another update when I finish the whole bottle, so expect another update in 2 weeks time.

The only downside to the product is that its not available to purchase in the UK.  You can only buy them either through their online website (they charge a flat rate of $10 for international shipping) or on Sephora – who ship internationally (huzzah!)

Now if you are want to try Daily Cleanse or any of their products, I will recommend you taking their survey online that provides you with a free personalised health report from one of Hum’s nutritionist and you can take the survey here.  It only takes 3 minutes!

You can buy a bottle Daily Cleanse for $25 (approximately £16) and each bottle contains 60 capsules.  Hum Nutrition has kindly offered me a discount code that I can share with you all.  You can get $10 off you first order (order must be over $29.95) placed through their website.  The discount code is: HUM10.  Make sure you use it, if you do make a Hum purchase!

Have you tried Hum Nutrition before?  What do you think of taking vitamins?



2 responses to “Doing a Daily Cleanse with Hum Nutrition

  1. I just started taking the HUM supplements about a week ago. Haven’t seen any hair results yet, but I assume it would take a while to grow in? My skin looks more glow-y and dewy though!. The raw superfood powder actually tastes pretty good, have been putting in a banana-yogurt smoothie. Will wait and see if I can grow outmy hair.. Usually split ends force me to cut it and it never gets past shoulder length :(

    If you do want to order from HUM, you can use my referral code: 109FC4 to save $10, (use Hum10 as the promo code for an additional $10 saved), then since I ordered three items, there was an additional 25% off plus free shipping. Not bad :)

  2. when you started taking HUM daily cleanse, within the first week did your skin break out and then get better after two weeks? I just started about 7 days ago and my skin has been breaking out but I’m assuming this is due to the detox effect.

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