My Little Box: My Little Superbox

Admittedly I have never heard of My Little Box, until last month or so (I know, I am a bit slow) and boy was I impressed with their previous boxes.  The boxes are very me.  I am a sucker for anything that has a cute packaging.  I think my eyes just naturally wander towards cute products.

So if you follow My Little Box on Facebook or Instagram, then you’ll know that they like to give you sneak peak of what the theme would be for the upcoming box.  When I saw it was superwoman themed, I knew it was the right time to order the box.  I had a feeling that this box would be the perfect one for me.  And I wasn’t wrong.

It arrived on Monday 16th March, however I wasn’t at home to collect it and I didn’t have time to go to my local Royal Mail office to collect it, so I arranged for it to be redelivered on Friday 20th March.  FIVE WHOLE DAYS I had to wait…  I already knew what was going to be inside the box, as I have already checked out the reviews for it, but none the less the suspense of waiting for the box to arrive was killing me!

When I got home from work on Friday and I saw it on the coffee table I was so impressed that even the outer packaging had the “My Little Box” logo.  As I found most beauty boxes just arrive in standard cardboard packaging, nothing fancy.  I opened the packaging to reveal the box and I squealed inside, it was SO CUTE.


POW! WOW! What is inside?

Despite already knowing what I was going to get, I was still surprised to see just how great these products were and the way it had been packaged.


POW! WOW! What is inside?

Now, time for me give you a breakdown of what was inside the box:

My Little World Magazine
This is a monthly magazine that you get with the box.  Each month it has different content to match the theme of the box.  But I think it follows the same concept of having fashion, beauty and lifestyle editorial pieces.  I am so impressed with this magazine, for something that is so small and under 100 pages, it is filled with lots of excellent content for the subscribers.  I am looking forward to reading this on my way to work on Monday morning.

Superstickers – £4
When I was young, I used to hoard stickers and stick them everywhere.  When you get older, I guess collecting stickers is no longer a thing.  However these stickers are just super fun and cute.  I think these stickers will go great on a card or any plain books you want to jazz up.  I also love how they have quotes as well.  My favourite sticker is the “You’re Not Born Wonder Woman You Become It”.

Kérastase Cristalliste Lait Cristal Conditioner – 30ml Travel Size
I’m not one to switch up my shampoos and conditioner from time to time.  I tend to be very loyal to hair products, but I have heard some good things with Kérastase, mainly their Elixir Ultime Hair Oil range.  This conditioner is aimed for dry lengths or ends – which is perfect for me, as I straighten my hair almost every day so my ends get pretty dry.  It is very easy to use, you apply it after shampooed, towel-dried hair and leave it on for 2-3 minutes and then wash it out.  See told you, very simple.

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream – £4 (30ml Travel Size)
As you all may know, I love hand creams.  In my drawer I have at least 8 unopened travel size hand creams and about 6 mini travel size ones (seriously, do I need that many?!).  Caudalie, is another french brand that is very popular with the Parisians.   The Beauty Elixir is their cult beauty product from the brand.  Now the hand cream smells ah-mazing.  Infused with fresh orange pulp, almond powder and a drop of rosewater, it protects the hands leaving them silky smooth whilst also leaving your nails invigorated and strengthened.


POW! WOW! What is inside?

My Little Beauty Lips & Cheeks Pencil – £10.50 / €14 (3g)
Each month one of the beauty products, will be from the My Little Beauty range which is developed by My Little Box itself.  I have seen some wonderful products featured in previous boxes, so was heavily anticipating what product I will receive.  This month product was not a let down at all.  I love the peachy coral shade which will go well with spring/summer vibes and I love the twist up mechanism.  The only thing I will say is that I’m not a massive fan of products that are aimed for double use (both lips and cheeks in this case), so with this product it will be used on my lips only.

Gat Rimon I Believe I Can Fly T-Shirt – £29 / €39
Is it me, or did anyone have the R Kelly “I Believe I Can Fly” song in your head when you saw this t-shirt?!  Anyway, I love this t-shirt.  It’s a bonus as I love slogan t-shirts and I love grey (double winner!).  The t-shirt is also great quality too!  I cannot wait to wear it with my skinny jeans and chelsea boots.  It’s a shame that it doesn’t make you fly. haha


POW! WOW! What is inside?

Overall, I am so impressed with My Little Box.  I think this hands down is one of the best beauty boxes in the market you should subscribe too.  I love how the box itself is super cute, the beauty items come in a nice cream cotton pouch, which I have many uses for it.  You get a monthly magazine to read that is bursting with fashion, beauty and lifestyle content.  There is no other beauty boxes out there, that give you all this for £11.00 + £3.95 (p&p) a month!

You can subscribe to My Little Box here.  My Little Box is currently doing a promotional offer where you can get your first My Little Box for £11.00 – which includes delivery, using the code: FIRSTBOX.  What are you waiting for?  Get subscribing!

Are you a My Little Box subscriber?  What did you think of the March box?



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