Product Review: Etude House My Castle Hand Cream

One thing about Etude House is that they win on packaging over all other beauty brands.  There is no other beauty brands (excluding Korean beauty brands, as they are all competitors of each other) that have such cute packaging.  A normal person would get sucked into Etude House, because the store on the outside is cute, girly and have that princess girl feeling and the same can be said for the interior inside and the packaging on all their products.

I have always been meaning to try Etude House hand creams and mainly because of just how cute they are packaged.  Take a look at the Missing U Hand Cream range and tell me you’re not even sucked in because of the packaging.  If you say you’re not, then I don’t believe you!


Etude House My Castle Hand Cream

My Castle range, consists of four hand creams.  The packaging itself corresponds to the range, all four have a very cute castle packaging.  The collection has four different scents, each with its own name, different packaging and colour scheme.  The four hand creams are:

  • Ice Frozen (blue).
  • Pink Wish (pink).
  • Forever Rose (green).
  • Sweet Cookie (brown).
Top right corner, going clockwise: Ice Frozen, Sweet Cookie, Forever Rose and Pink Wish.

Top right corner, going clockwise: Ice Frozen, Sweet Cookie, Forever Rose and Pink Wish.

Ice Frozen | This hand cream has a blue tint, which is keeping it consistent with the blue packaging.  It is described as having “ice floral fragrance”, which I find the smell a little bit confusing.  I don’t really know how to describe it, but when I smell it, it is a cross between cottony, sweet floral scent.  Not sure if this is what I will call “Ice Floral”. However it is a pleasant smell, not too overwhelming.

Sweet Cookie | The scent is described as a “sweet vanilla” fragrance and the hand cream has a cream/beige tint, matching the brown packaging.  I wasn’t confused with this scent at all, and can safely say it does smell just like how the website describes it as, sweet, vanilla and coconuty.  For people that are not a fan of sweet scented hand creams this may not be right for you, as smelling it several times does make me feel a bit sickly.  I’m not much of a fan of the sweet smelling fragrances.

Forever Rose | Again like the other two hand creams, this has a green tint matching the cute green packaging.  Now the scent is pure rose, matching the name and the website description.  There isn’t any other scent apart from rose, which I really adore as I love rose hand creams,  Its not too powerful but its not subtle either to the point you can’t smell it.

Pink Wish | This scent is described as “fruity floral” fragrance, which matches well to what I can smell.  Compared to the Ice Frozen scent, the Pink Wish smells more fresh and spring like (if that is even a way to describe it!).  The hand cream has a pink tint that corresponds to the packaging.

The formulation of all the hand creams are very thick compared to hand creams by Loccitane and Crabtree and Evelyn.  I struggled to get the hand cream out by swiping it with my finger, I found I had to scoop it out.  But because of the thick formulation I found these were very moisturising and hydrating and believe that are more moisturising than hand creams that are more on the “watery/liquid” formulation side.

The downside to the product, is that they are not travel friendly.  I think these are perfect left at home, on your desk or bedside table to use at night before bed or when you’re working.  I still prefer hand creams that comes in the squeezy tubes rather than a pot/jar like the Etude House ones as I find them more hygienic than using your hands to scoop out the product.
Another downside, is that Etude House/Korean beauty brands are not available to purchase in the UK anyway in store, which is a bummer.  As buying them online through websites, sometimes can be quite expensive.  I was lucky enough to have picked these up during my recent trip to Hong Kong.


Overall, I think Etude House My Castle Hand Creams are worth getting for its cute packaging, wonderful scents and its thick formulation.

You can purchase Etude House My Castle Hand Cream from Cosmetic Love, priced at $8.49 each or $12.52 for two or from Bonjour HK for $6.24.

Have you used any of Etude House products before?  What are you thoughts on Etude House My Castle Hand Creams?



15 responses to “Product Review: Etude House My Castle Hand Cream

  1. These are absolutely adorable! Such a shame it’s harder to get hold of them in the UK. I’d love to have them sat on my desk!!
    Ashton xx

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