Lunchin’ at Ben’s Canteen

By now you should know how much I love food.  I love eating at new places that I’ve read on the Internet and then testing it out for myself to see if it really is that good.  So that is exactly what happened after reading a review over at Pretty Hungry, by Bianca Bridges.

Two weekends ago, me and my friend trotted along down to Ben’s Canteen in Battersea, it was a long trot indeed, took over an hour to get their via tube considering we live in East London.  But for us when it comes to food, we don’t mind travelling at all.

I enjoy eating breakfast items at lunch time, as I think it breaks the traditional lunch time food you’re suppose to eat, and besides who doesn’t love a good ol’ brunch food.  I mean come on, english breakfast at lunch? Hell yes. haha

In my mind I was worried that Ben’s Canteen was going to be very busy on a weekend, due to its great food and it being one of those cool lunch places, but thankfully when we arrived at around 1pm, the place was filled with lots of people but there was a space for me and my friend!


There was a CAKE STALL?!

Where the magic happens for drinks.

Where the magic happens for drinks.

After umming and ahh’ing over the menu, we was ready to order.  Though to be honest, it didn’t take us that long, as prior to it, we have read Bianca’s review and was pretty much sold on the food she had.

For drinks, I ordered Vanilla and Raspberry Milkshake (£5) which was served in a really cute glass milk bottle.  I think after seeing the drink on Bianca’s post, I knew I had to get one.  It was after all instagram and blog picture worthy.  But in all honestly the milkshake was really good.  It wasn’t thick like some of the milkshakes I’ve had in the past, which didn’t sit well with me after drinking it.  This milkshake was just right.

My friend was boring, he just ordered tea.  But it was served in a nice cute little blue teapot and teacup with no handle!

Gimme the milkshake!

Gimme the milkshake!

Now the best part was indeed the food.  We ordered three mains between the three of us, and they were good mains, actually they were the bee’s knees.

For my mains I ordered the Eggs Benedict (£8.50).  Poached eggs sat on English muffin topped with bacon and hollandaise sauce.  I love a good ol’ poached eggs, as I can never do it well myself.  I would of preferred if the bacon was crispy, but none the less I finished this off.


Next up was the Banana Pancakes (£7) and we added bacon (+£2) to go with it.  This is a must order, because oh my the pancakes were so good. Nice and fluffy and the salted caramel sauce and maple syrup went well with the pancakes.  I wasn’t a fan of the yoghurt so I scooped that off to the side for my friend to have.  He enjoyed the sweet and sour mix (weird).


My friend ordered the Eggs Pig Out (£9), which was pulled pork on toasted English muffins, served with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.  Originally he wanted to The Big Ben, but he couldn’t say no to pulled pork!  His verdict? He cleared off the whole plate, says it all really.

As mentioned before, I love food and I can eat.  I think I even impressed the staff, as they came over to ask if we had finish and I was like ‘nope, not yet I still got these pancakes to finish off’.  He walked off chuckling away, either thinking ‘wow this girl can eat’ or ‘wow this girl is really greedy’. haha.


Before it all went away into my stomach.

That Saturday, I also made a promise to start doing some exercise like getting back into running and eating more healthy and reducing my portions sizes.  All this whilst stuffing my face full of food.

Ben’s Canteen is located in Battersea and Earlsfield.

Have you been to Ben’s Canteen before?



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