Whyte & Brown – The Black Pudding Scotch Eggs Are Mine!

I’m on roll with trying out new food places, I tell ya!  First up was lunchin’ at Ben’s Canteen, you can read my review here (they do the best pancakes ever!).  And yesterday, I went to munch at Whyte & Brown.

I felt like I earned this lunch, as this week I finally got off my ass and went for a run on Tuesday and Wednesday. I am proud of myself, even though both runs only clocked a small 4.65 miles altogether, but still every mile counts.

Anyway back to Whyte & Brown, I first heard of them was literally on Wednesday when my friend posted a picture of the food he ordered at W&B, and was commenting how the scotch eggs were really nice, and so was the fries too and I just knew I had to go there.  Since my friend/my food buddy needed to get new shirts for his new job (congratulations again) it was the perfect reason to go and visit Whyte & Brown and we did just that on Thursday 23rd April.

Okay, before I can carry on and talk about HOW THE FOOD WAS AMAZING! (calm down, Julie), I have to be honest, that W&B wasn’t exactly first choice (I know what was I thinking), but we originally wanted to go and eat at The Riding House Café (I keep thinking the place was called The Riding Horse Cafe – haha) but sad times we missed breakfast by 15 minutes! GOD DAMN IT.  Why do they have to be a pain and have like three separate menu’s, oh lets have a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.  Why not just have breakfast and lunch together and a dinner menu  But it obviously was a sign to go and eat at Whyte & Brown instead. And boy it was a great choice indeed.

Whyte & Brown is located in Kingly Court, which is becoming quite a place for food.  Inside Kingly Court there are a number of restaurants, you have Shoryu Ramen, Cha Cha Moon, Pizza Pilgrims, The Rum Kitchen and whole load of other restaurants to choose from – spoilt for choice really.  So we chose to sit outside in the courtyard as it was sunny.  Don’t make the silly mistake, like we did by going into the restaurant, only to go outside to the courtyard again.  I’m sure they were thinking who are these crazy people?!


I want these lights!

I want these lights!

After studying the menu and much to my great persuasive skills we decided on what we was going to have.  We was quite greedy.  Actually come to think of it, my friend was.  It wasn’t me for a change.  I wanted to share the starter, he didn’t.  So I thought fine, I just have a starter all for myself.  Quite frankly, I’m glad we did.

Before I dive deep into the food.  For drinks we ordered the Apple, Grapefruit, Mint & Lime soft drink (£3.25), it was ok, quite refreshing nothing special as it wasn’t a home made special drink (which I thought it was, but then I thought at first it was a choice of Apple, Grapefruit or Mint & Lime – but I was corrected by the lovely waiter that it was all of it in one drink).  But I wasn’t going to let a bad case of mediocre drinks ruin the food part, as I knew the food would be good.

And it so was.  First up was starters (you know the one where I wanted to share, but my friend didn’t).  I’m very glad we didn’t, as the Black Pudding Scotch Eggs (£6.75) were THE BOMB.  I repeat they were THE BOMB.  I got to meet the chef that created this dish (maybe next time when I visit I will ask if I can, as I want to shake his/her hands).  How can someone make something that taste this good. Holy moly.

I’ve only ever had scotch eggs from M&S (yes alright, probably the worst comparison ever) but the coating on the scotch egg was nice and crispy.  The sausage meat (I assume mixed in with the black pudding) was nice and juicy and the egg was cooked to perfection.  Egg yolk was semi cooked, so the yolk was runny but not runny like as if it was a waterfall!  It was accompanied with mustard and chive mayo (so delicious) and sun dried tomatoes, which I am a fan of the zangy (okay, not a word) taste.  I could happily eat this for the rest of my life.

Black Pudding Scotch Eggs = THE BOMB.

Black Pudding Scotch Eggs = THE BOMB.

For the mains we ordered a Whole Roasted Beer Can Chicken (£19.50) , which was cooked in herb butter, garlic and rosemary and accompanied with beer gravy.  So bit of a mixed review here, as personally I liked the chicken, it was still nice and juicy and the chicken breast meat was not dry.  The gravy was a bit too watery, so I would of preferred if it was just a bit thicker.  I liked the seasoning as I am a fan of garlic and rosemary.  My friend on the other hand was like “meh it was nothing special”.  But he still finished it off.
The whole chicken is not normally served carved up into portions, as usually it comes as a whole for you to carve yourself, but the lovely waiter gave us the option to have it carved.  We obviously went for the carved option.


To accompany the chicken we chose two sides.  First up was Creamed Spinach with herby breadcrumbs (£3.75).  This dish was really nice and it went well with the chicken.  I liked the herby crumb topping and mixed in with the spinach it was oh so delicious!  Also bonus points for it being served in a cute pan – where can I buy one of these?

You dig?

You dig?

As you can see from the photo above we went for Sweet Potato Fries (£4). Boy were these good, the fries were served with chorizo (genius!), feta and parsley.  We opted for no feta, as I’m not a fan of cheese. But other than that, the fries were yummy and moreish.  Sweet Potato Fries are now featured in a number of menu’s, however not every restaurant can make them taste good. And believe me when I tell you these were good.


My friend blamed me afterwards for feeling so stuffed and how every time he comes out with me, he always over eats.  I did tell him, if he can’t finish it off, I eat the rest of his chicken.  I think secretly he wanted to be like a BOSS and finish his portions off.

It’s Friday today, time to get my running shoes back on and run like the wind.

Whyte & Brown is located in Kingly Court, Carnaby, London.

Have you been to Whyte & Brown before?  What are you thoughts on scotch eggs?



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