5 Things I Would Tell The 18 Year Old Me.


18 year old me.

I turn 28 this July and I think to myself where has the time gone?!  It feels like yesterday that I was still at uni, stressing about coursework and deadlines, and now I’m two years away from turning 30! THIRTY. OMG.  After receiving great feedback from my ‘5 Things I’ve Learned From Blogging‘ post, I thought I carry on with the ‘5 Things’ theme (inspired after reading Kal’s over at The Cluttered Closet, ’10 Things’ series).

1.  Don’t spend all your student loan on bags or clothes that you will later sell it all on eBay. Invest wisely.

2.  You should have learnt to cook when you moved out during your first year of uni.

3.  Studying AVCE ICT in College is totally different to studying Computing in University. (It was a shock to the system for me, I suddenly realised I did not know there was something called programming languages!)

4.  Those spots you kept getting during uni, you really need to speak to someone about it.  You weren’t going through a typical teenage phase.

5.  You will learn at the age of 24, what it feels like to lose a ‘friend’.  But you will then soon realise that it was good riddance for removing fake and bitchy friends from your trusted circle of friends.

Now, I asked one of my closest friend, Nothabo this question and she replied back with:

‘Remember to learn who you are and be comfortable in your own skin.  I tell you my ears burnt from those friends, who just don’t get the ‘life goes on even when you are single’.’

Don’t forget to check out last week’s ‘5 Things I’ve Learned From Blogging‘ post.  

What would you tell the 18 year old you?



6 responses to “5 Things I Would Tell The 18 Year Old Me.

  1. I would tell myself to live in the moment and enjoy being 18! I didn’t enjoy my youth enough. I was too busy worrying xx

  2. Love this! I think I may do a similar post. I also turn 28 but at the end of this month so I can relate! Thanks for the inspiration and lovely pointers.


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