A is for Acne

Last time I talked about my dealings with acne was back in February 2015, you can read that update here.  Back then I would say my skin was at its best.  The redness was better and I wasn’t getting as much active spots, but unfortunately some things are not meant to last.

My skin in February 2015.

My skin in February 2015.

Last month, I suffered from a slight outbreak due to using the wrong products, serves me right for wanting to try new beauty products.  Also with the change of medication, I was getting more active spots and then it got better and my skin was calmer but then I got more spots and the redness returned (the dreaded cycle).

I’m convinced the redness or inflammation makes everything look 10x worse that probably what it really is.  But I guess for those who suffer from acne, will know that the journey is not always plain sailing.  I wish it really was.

Recently I’ve been thinking, what is the point of taking medication.  I’ve been taking it for 2 years now, and although my skin has got a lot better, its still not ‘clear’.  I still get spots, I still have scars, I still have redness.  Maybe its time to stop and just let acne runs it course, maybe I’ll be like my sister when she hit 30 (which was last year), she no longer got spots and have been spot free since.  But 2 years is a long wait, and plus there no guarantee that will happen to me.  Hit 30 and the spots will go away.  But then I think, I’ve come so far, it will be a waste of all my time, effort and money to just stop taking medication and let my skin go back to the way it was 2 years ago.  I have to stay focus and remember that it won’t be forever.

My current skin (06.05.2015)

My current skin (06.05.2015)

Now, my mum always tells me off for trying new products.  Granted, suffering from acne its probably not the best type of skin to have and to try out new products.  But then I think, why shouldn’t I try new products that may be able to help with my acne.  As long as I do my research and make sure the product doesn’t contain any highly comedogenic or comedogenic ingredients then it should be okay.  Though I like to add, even if the product doesn’t contain any highly comedogenic or comedogenic ingredients you may still react to the product. So it is always best to get some samples.

I’ve recently been trying out the Nude Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly, the product is really nice.  It comes out like a thick gel, and I rub it onto dry skin and then add a little bit of water to emulsify the ‘jelly and then wash off with a white flannel.  I use the product as an evening/second cleanse when I’ve worn makeup.  It leaves me skin feeling clean and soft – no dry tight feeling!  Good news is after using it for a week straight as I managed to get a sample, I haven’t had any reaction or breakouts to it.

After using up the Nude cleanser sample, I went on to try the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel as I’ve heard its the same as the Nude one and its been raved a lot on the blog’sphere.  I also got my hands on First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads, I read reviews that this is a very mild acid toner.  I’m an active reader of Caroline Hirons blog and she mentions a lot about acid toner and how we all should include an exfoliating toner, as a step in our skincare routine.

I’m not sure if it is product related, as I’ve been using both the Oskia and First Aid Beauty for the last 5 days, and I have noticed that my redness has got more red (if thats a way to describe it).  Whilst the First Aid Beauty pads doesn’t contain any comedogenic ingredients, however it does contain some plant based irritants, so not sure if it could be those that are irritating my skin.  It’s always hard to tell, as i do suffer from redness.  But I definitely do think my redness has got slightly worse.  So I have fired off an email to BeautyBay to see if anything can be done. as I hate it when I try something new (since you can’t get samples for this product) and it ends up not being right.

So I’m going to let my skin calm down first and return back to using my trust worthy skincare products, before trying anything new.  As next on my list is Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion – which is an alcohol free exfoliating toner containing salicylic acid.  But since Clinique is widely available in the UK, I will try and get a sample of this!

Are you battling with acne?  Can you recommend any products that is suitable for acne prone skin?



18 responses to “A is for Acne

  1. I love the Clinique toner and that specific one is the only of the Clinque line that I would recommend. It really helped me! Good luck :)

    • Hey Liz! Thank you for the recommendation. I tried the Clinique Blemish range before but it was too powerful and drying. Will definitely give that toner a try! x

      • Yes I have! Great minds think alike. I don’t buy her products either, think they are a little biased. But I do read all her other reviews on other brands! (: x

  2. U should try a mask of raw honey local to your area. Filtered honey works also -but the raw is supposed to have more good for you ingredients- I sometime mix w powder mask from wild honey apothocary (they’re in WI but check out her website) and use organic hosehip oil for moisture. Oil -i knew scary- But check it out… My skin was perfect until about age 33 I started getting hormonal skin issues. Now I dont drink any soda (an occasional real sugar, non-GMO, non-HFCS doesnt seem to flare me up) Diet soda NEVER! I drink filtered water, green tea, camomile tea and I avoid dairy… now perfect again! was a long road but way better than presriptions as far as side effects and long term damage to your system. Good luck to you!

    • Thanks for the advice Jenna! With the raw honey, If you didn’t mix it, can you just apply it straight onto the face? And how long do you leave it on for? Would Manuka honey work?

      I’ve been wanting to add oil into my routine but lots of oils are known to clog up pores. I will look into rosehip oil, any brands you recommend?

      Thank you so much for your advice and taking your time to leave me a message! x

  3. I really feel for you!
    I used to suffer really badly from acne for many years and I found the only this that truly got rid of mine for good was roaccutane. I will say though that Clinique 3 step system is amazing for acne prone skin, it really made an improvement for me, it’s worth the price definitely!

    I hope you manage to get you’re acne sorted though!

    Thanks for sharing :)

    Laura xo

    • Thank you for the tips! I tired the Clinique 3 step system before but found it so drying to my skin!
      Yes hopefully one day I can say bye bye to acne! (: x

  4. I noticed people saying that salicylic acid products were to harsh or drying on the skin – this is my always a bad thing it is the nature of the ingredient and is often worth persevering with to get the desired results from the products. Salicylic acid is a derivative of aspirin so is therefor had anti inflammatory effects reducing redness and swelling.

    Don’t just look to the high street for acne products, clinics offer much more active products and can really help to reduce porphyrins (acne causing bacteria) and prevent further breakouts. Try dermaquests Dermaclear Pads 2% salicylic acid

    Robyn x

    • Thank you Robyn for your advice. I will look into those pads.

      I recently started using products containing salicylic acid. I think it’s the only acid that my skin likes!

  5. I know your pain! I still suffer from acne at the age of 24 even though people keep telling me I should have grown out of it by now. Clinique is one of the best products I’ve found for my skin – the green bottles are best as they’re designed specifically for acne prone skin. I use all three: the clarifying lotion, the foam wash and the moisturiser and it’s the only thing I’ve found that really works.
    What medication are you taking if you don’t mind me asking? I am now taking Dianette which is a contraceptive pill but with more oestrogen than normal ones therefore it’s only given to those with acne prone skin. It has worked so well for my skin that I dread the day I have to stop taking it. My nurse trailed a few months without it because she said I shouldn’t get acne at my age anymore but when I went back with bad skin as I knew I would she put me back on it.
    I still get the odd spot here and there and have hundreds of scars and large pores from my years of suffering but at least I can cover that with makeup now without worrying about causing even more spots.

    • Hey! Thank you so much for your comment.

      I have tried using the Clinique range before but found it to be really stripping and drying to my skin. However I do use the ‘Mild Clarifying Lotion’ as an exfoliating toner, and I use a lot of French pharmacy brands and face cloths is something I started to introduce a month ago!

      I have tried the contraceptive pills, antibiotics and topical creams but nothing really helped with my acne. It helped for a while and then my acne will be 10x worse. I decided to go down the Chinese medication route, so I take herbal medication. Which has massively improved my skin, but like yourself I still get spots, but just not as angry and big.

      I tend to get spots around my mouth and chin area which is all linked to hormonal! I wish acne will just go away! x

  6. I’ve been using the first aid beauty pads for over a week! I use one per night and so far so good. I’m trying to stick to the same products atm I don’t really give them much time if I’m honest I just go on to the next if I don’t see results quickly – oops! But sticking the first aid beauty atm. I would love to try Sunday Riley if I’m honest. Hope you hear back and hopefully it’s just your skin getting used to the product! X

    • Christina! Hello! (:
      Well lets say I am never going to shop at beautybay every again. But First Aid Beauty got in touch with me, and whilst they couldn’t refund me the product. They asked me to choose something else of the same value. I’ve since sold the product onto another person.
      But I’m glad the pads are working for you. I think I just have the most sensitive skin ever!

  7. I had mild acne in my teens and I found that medication didn’t really help. I went on Roaccutane but the breakouts came back (though not quite as bad but still bad) when I finished the course. I am still very spot prone but I’ve learnt about comedogenic ingredients, developed a proper skincare routine with mostly natural products and have also cut out dairy; the latter is a more recent change but it’s helped massively. xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

    • I try to eliminate dairy as much as possible, but sometimes it can be hard.
      What was it like when you was Roaccutane? I got offered to go on a course of Roaccutane, but I decided to go down the Chinese medication route instead.

  8. I am at my wits end at the moment re adult hormonal acne (aged 31) and have booked an allergy test to find out if a dietary intolerance could be the cause (fingers crossed!). You mentioned changing your diet. Has this had an effect?
    I am using proactive+ at the moment but don’t rate it. My all time favourite brand is Dermalogica and I really liked their medibac range. Will be ordering this again.

    • Hi Jill!
      Adult hormonal acne is the worst! I suffer from hormonal acne mainly around the chin and mouth area. Let me know if it is to do with dietary intolerance!

      I don’t drink milk and try to limit my intake of diary products – almond milk is the way forward! I cut down on eating junk and fried food. May have something naughty every now and again.
      I have recently last month or so started going to fitness classes which I think helps as well – keeps me zen and stress free!

      I didn’t have much luck with Dermalogica. I have sensitive skin as well, so on top of acne prone skin need to be careful what I use. But I mainly use products from Avene, La Roche Posay and Nuxe.

      The Nude Omega Cleansing Jelly is amazing, Clinque Mild Clarifying Lotion and La Roche Posay Serozinc are fab products too!

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