Benefit CORALista Blusher


Whilst the rest of the world (well blogging world), has gone mad about Benefit’s newly launched ‘Do The Hoola Kit‘, I on the other hand have gone mad about the CORALista Blusher.  Though I think once I get the hang on how to actually use a bronzer, I might Do the Hoola too!

So lets just rewind a little bit, my makeup routine never used to be fancy.  Granted I don’t think even now, its a fancy as some people’s makeup routine.  I have no time nor do I know how to contour, no time for eyebrows and I only wear lipstick when I’m going out.  See not fancy at all.

You’re probably going to make one of those ‘WTF faces’, when I tell you I never used to wear blusher.  HAHA.  I literally used to wear primer, BB cream, put on some mascara and eyeliner and that would be it.  Until one day my friend commented ‘you need some colour on your face, you look so pale’.  Just that one comment changed my life (over slightly exaggerating), it changed my makeup entirely.  I used her Benefit Bella Bamba (which is no longer on sale) and having a bit of colour does change your face.  It was also then when I realised I’m not a fan of pink blushers at all… sorry, not sorry.

After having a good run with using the Benefit blusher (no signs of breakouts or reactions), I decided to steer my focus in finding a blusher from the Benefit collection, and after reading it on a website (can’t remember which one), but it said people with yellow undertone (that’s me) would find a peachy coral blusher would suit their skin tone.  So my eyes were dead locked into the Coralista blusher!


For my birthday last year I was gifted the ‘go tropiCORAL‘ kit.  Which is a great little kit, for those who want to try a bit of everything from their coral range.  One swipe of the powder onto my cheeks, I fell in love and knew that this shade had my name written all over it.  I practically used the small little blusher in that kit to death before I upgraded to full size and I haven’t looked back since.

The website states: Our warm coral-pink cheek powder is your “coral blush for a tropical flush”!  This shade cheers up every skin tone in seconds.  Complete with soft, natural-bristle blush brush.


What I think:  It is a gorgeous peach coral shade.  I love the colour and it looks great on my complexion.  It does have a  shimmer, but its very subtle when applied.  Don’t worry you won’t look like you’ve been attack by glitter!  The packaging is very retro and funky, which I think goes well with the name of the product.  You might think that because its a cardboard packaging its not as sturdy as comparison to the plastic ones, but fear not.  I have taken it on holiday and the packaging still remained in great condition.

It also comes with a natural-bristle brush, which I use, it gets enough colour on the brush.  For those who have mad makeup skills, would probably prefer to use a long handle blusher brush.  It also has a mirror, which I don’t use.  Its a bit small for my round face. haha.  But It is ideal for on the go touch ups.

CORALista swatch.

CORALista swatch.

If you have yellow undertone like me and in need of a new blusher.  Or you just want a blusher, cause you’re a makeup hoarder, then this blusher is worthy of your consideration!

Coralista can be purchased from Benefit, Feelunique and Lookfantastic.  If you want to collect beauty points, then you should purchase the blusher from Debenhams.

Have you used any Benefit’s makeup before? What are your thoughts on the Coralista blusher?



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