Brand Focus: & Other Stories

I’ve seen many ‘Brand Focus’ videos and post flying around on the blog’sphere and I always thought it was a great idea.  There are so many brands out there and not everyone will have heard of them or know about the brand.  Posts like these are great for people to discover new things.

So my first ‘Brand Focus’ post is all about & Other Stories.  I’m not sure how many people have heard about & Other Stories, or know that they even exist in the UK.  Well if you don’t you’re in for a right treat.

& Other Stories is a fashion brand that falls the H&M Group.  Yes thats right they are part of the H&M family.  The H&M group consists of the following brands:

  • H&M (dur!)
  • Weekday
  • Monki (did not know that)
  • Cheap Monday (another surprise)
  • COS
  • & Other Stories

For me, personally I would describe & Other Stories as the middle sister brand between H&M and COS.  With H&M being the more affordable fashion brand and COS being the more luxury brand.

& Other Stories was launched in London in 2013, so they are a relatively new brand with only 2 years in the market.  Which surprises me, as I feel the brand has been around for a long time.  They currently operate in 9 countries in Europe and they have one store in USA.  To see the location of the stores, please click here.

The label first started of as a beauty brand, which they then expanded into fashion brand offering woman a wide range of ready-to-wear, bags, accessories, jewelleryshoes and beauty.  Whilst their ready-to-wear collection are not my go to for clothing, they offer very high quality, lasting wardrobe pieces that you can wear again and again, but each time creating your own personal style.

However, I have recently invested in a few pieces of clothing from the label, and the clothing are great quality.  When I’m buying clothes now, its all about quality rather than quantity.  They also have an amazing selection of bags and shoes, that I just want it all!

Now what attracted to me about the label first, was the beauty products.  If you’ve been in the London store in Regent Street, you will understand why.  The setup is amazing, and the beauty products they offer are great quality and at an affordable price.  They offer stock some bespoke brands that you may not have heard of and they have now launched their own skincare range.


I’m a big hand cream hoarder when it comes to beauty, I have a lot of travel sizes hand creams, but never had ones where I can use at home.  Well not pretty looking or nice smelling ones anyway.

My very first beauty purchase was the Shinjuku Bloom Hand Lotion, I have been eyeing it up for a long time but I finally took the plunge and purchased it over a year ago.  If you like sweet smelling scents, then this will be right up your street.  At 250ml for £5, you can argue that it is somewhat pricey compared to drugstore hand lotions.  YES. You are right, but there isn’t a nice smelling hand lotion available in drugstores like the Shinjuku Bloom.  The product lasted me for about 10 months, as I only use it in the morning and in the evening before bed.

During the sale, I managed to buy ‘Sugar Crush’ both in hand lotion and body lotion at a staggering 70% off.  The hand lotion was £1.50 and the body lotion was £2.10!  So cheap and I was so happy I literally bought like 4 bottles altogether.  Haha.  I do love a bargain.  Sad news is that Sugar Crush is no longer available, hence why it was on sale.  You will find hardly any of the & Other Stories hand lotions/body moisturisers go on sale unless they are being discontinued.  Sugar Crush is different to Shinjuku Bloom.  The purchase was more of a ‘its so cheap, it can’t be that bad’ and it wasn’t.  Sugar Crush is described as ‘soft citrus wrapped in caramelised brown sugar…’

There are a whole load of different scents of hand lotions and body moisturisers for you to choose from, and I guarantee you there is a scent for everyone.  If you keep your empty bottles, you can get 10% off your next beauty purchase.  Now if these are too bulky for you, & Other Stories also sell them in travel size versions at £4 a pop for 30ml.  I can sense my travel size hand creams collection is going to grow…

Apart from being a massive fan of their ‘Bath & Body’ range,  I think their Makeup range is fantastic too.  The makeup range consists of: Base, Cheeks, Eyes, Lips, Nails and Brushes & Tools.

Okay, so I confess I only own two products from the makeup range, and they are the lipstick and lipstick brush (which I just remembered – hence why its not featured in the picture).  But it is a range that I don’t think gets enough attention as they deserve.  I can only comment on their lipsticks, since that is what I own and I can tell you its amazing.  It applies like a dream and lasts for a good 5-6 hours before I need to re apply.  They have a wide range of colours to choose from in both collections: Lip Colour and Demi Matt Colour.  The shade I brought was ‘Ducape Red’, sadly its not available anymore.

Overall, I think & Other Stories is a brand that may be more known for their fashion than their beauty,  so I urge you to go and visit the store and check out their beauty collection.  Trust me when I say this, that once you’ve seen the beauty setup.  You would want it all.

& Other Stories collection can be purchased online and in-store.

Have you heard of & Other Stories? Have you brought anything from the brand?



6 responses to “Brand Focus: & Other Stories

    • Hiya! Oooo I haven’t tried the Moroccan tea! Will give that a smell when I next pop into London! (: x

  1. Keep meaning to pay a visit to & Other Stories, will have to now. Who knew H&M were responsible for Monki?! Learn something new every day xx

    • I know! It was a surprise for me too, along with Cheap Monday!
      You need to! It’s amazing in there. Let me know if your purchase anything! (: x

  2. Had no idea &Other Stories was part of the H&M group?! I could waste away my hours in the Regent Street warehouse of dreams… Lovely post xx

    • Thank you! I know, I didn’t know Cheap Monday and Monki are part of their crew too!
      I love the beauty set up in &Other Stories, I want it all! xx

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