5 Things On My Bucket List


For the last instalment of my ‘5 Things’ series, I thought I’ll end it with a more lifestyle/thoughtful posts.  Now I haven’t thought about writing a bucket list before as I’m not one to really set myself ‘life’ goals.  But after trying to come up ideas for my last 5th instalment for the ‘5 Things’ series, I thought to myself let start putting together a bucket list.

A bucket list is a number of experiences/achievements that you would like to have accomplish during your lifetime.  There is no limit to how big or small the bucket list should be, so far I only have 5 things and they are…

1. Visit Japan – I have said it before in my ‘Top 5 Holiday Destinations‘ post, that it is my lifetime goal to visit Japan before I die.  So obviously this has to be on the bucket list.

2. Go scuba diving/skiing/sky diving – Granted these could be as separate items, but I thought I’ll put them all together, since they are (to me) extreme sports.  Not sure if I would be able to manage complete sky diving, considering I am so scared of heights.

3. Run half marathon – I thought I’ll be realistic here as I doubt I could ever complete a full marathon.  Half marathon sounds something that I could complete once I am fully trained and prepared.  13 miles *gulp*

4. Open up my own bespoke restaurant – This is one of my lifetime goals.  It is something that I hope to achieve in the next 10 years or so, that I will open up my own restaurant somewhere in London (maybe) serving a wide range of different types of food, drinks and desserts!

5. Climb a mountain for my 30th birthday – I haven’t decided which mountain to climb.  But I know for my 30th birthday (in 2 years time), I want to mark the day by doing something significant, so I’m sure climbing a mountain is significant right?


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Do you have a bucket list?  What is on your list?



8 responses to “5 Things On My Bucket List

  1. I don’t have a bucket list but I need one. I guess that I always thought I would have done more before I went and turned thirty. Now that I’ll be thirty-one in July, you’ve inspired me to make plans and just do it! Nicely done :)

    • Aw thank you Liz! Let me know if you publish your bucket list! I want to take a look. And you do not look like 31 at all! Good genes! (: x

  2. Nice post :) I have quite a lot of plans, as I am a dreamer haha. One of my big ones is eventually to work at Fashion week (preferably Paris or London) and do an internship for Condé Nast
    E x


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