My Little Box: My Little Provence Box

I’m probably the last one to review this box, considering its been a good few weeks since I’ve received it.  For those who are active users on social media, would have probably seen some negative reviews on this month’s My Little Box.

When I first heard of the theme and that it would be ‘Provence’, I knew it would feature L’Occitane products.  I am a huuuuuuge fan of L’occitane, I love their hand creams and adore their Almond Collection.  This month I tried my best to steer clear from social media, so I didn’t see any spoilers, but when there are people that are disappointed with the box, no matter how much I tried to stay away from it all, I ended up finding out why.

To be honest, I was slightly disappointed with this month’s box.  The main reason being is that the products that were included, were the same products that L’occitane was giving out for free with their ‘A Little Sunshine From Provence’ campaign.  So I was thinking how can they justify on this box that cost £15, when the free box that L’occitane was giving out cost £4.

Also after doing some snooping around, My Little Box subscribers in France received different contents (bigger and some were from the almond range) as well as a different cotton pouch.  The one they received featured the ‘Provence Girl’ at the front, so you can see why UK subscribers were a bit miffed.


My Little Provence Box


My Little World Magazine
This month’s magazine was the same as last month’s one.  It was one large sheet of paper that was folded up, and each section was filled with makeup, hair and beauty tips.  We got treated to an interview with blogger Really Ree as well as an interview with Olivier Baussan the founder of L’Occitane.  Once you have unravelled the large sheet of paper on the back it was a poster featuring the life of a Provence girl, living the Provence lifestyle.  I’m not a huge fan of this type of magazine, makes it hard to read on the train and plus I think there is less content compared to when it was an actual magazine with pages.  Also just like to point out here that the French subscribers received an actual magazine.

My Little Doll Magnets – £6 / 8€
This was the lifestyle piece for this month, but it can’t compete with the rotating ink pad I received in the ‘My Little Dream Box’.  But the magnets are cute, probably more suited for young teenage girls than adult woman.  However the magnetic doll is stuck on my fridge, and she is currently wearing the white dress with scarf and trainers, whilst the other pieces are scattered around my fridge.

Mer & Mistral Shower Gel – 50ml Travel Size
I do like travel size mini’s as I always find it quite handy for short weekend breaks or when you’re staying over your friends house.  This shower gel is part of L’occitan’s Collection de Grasse and I really like the Mer & Mistral Fresh Shower Gel, it has invigorating blend of aquatic notes topped with scented notes of pine, cypress and rosemary.  I can see this leaving the skin feeling fresh, it really is a summer holiday in a bottle.

Roses et Reines Hand & Nail Cream – 10ml Travel Size
L’occitane makes the best hand creams and this small miniature scent is one that i don’t have in my collection.  All of L’occitane hand creams contain shea butter that helps to nourish, soften and protect the hands.  I suffer from dry hands and in particular between my thumb and index finger and I know that the L’occitane hand creams will always save the day!  The Roses et Reines Hand & Nail Cream is scented with a subtle floral fragrance scent of roses, so you’re left with hands smelling like a bunch of flowers!

Verbena Body Lotion – 30ml Travel Size
For someone that spends a lot of time researching on skincare, and making sure I use the right products for my face you think that my body care will be on the same level.  Unfortunately not, I only tend to moisturise my legs when I’m bothered or when they are feeling dry!  But hopefully that will all change now that I have this nifty body lotion.  Infused with organic verbena extract and nourishing grape seed oil, the body lotion is lightweight with no sticky or greasy feeling,
 leaving your body with a zesty and citrus aroma smell.

Verbena Leaf Soap – 25g Travel Size
I’m slightly confused with this product and where I can use it.  Is it a face soap or a body soap? The My Little Box leaflet, advertise it as a face soap but then on L’occitane website it is marketed as a body soap.  But despite the confusion, this little leaf shaped soap is so cute and containing crushed verbena leaves it gently exfoliate whilst used in the bath or shower.  The end result, is soft, smooth looking skin.


The Amazing Eyeshadow Crayon in Metallic Brown – £9 / 12€
I’m not that pro when it comes to applying eyeshadow, still haven’t got my technique of application nailed nor do I know how to blend multiple shades of eyeshadows together.  Initially when I saw this eyeshadow crayon on other blogs, I did think to myself ‘ooh so not me’.  But now that I have seen it in the flesh, it is a really nice metallic brown shade.  I don’t think I would use this as a eyeshadow, but I will tempt fate and use it as an eyeliner and see if it is meant to be!

Embroidery Cuff – £15 / 20€
I do like the idea of a DIY jewellery to wear, as I used to make my own jewellery.  Sourcing one off charms and turning them into necklaces and I once went through a stage of making my own friendship bracelets out of cotton thread.  I like the colours of the string provided to make the embroidery, however the cuff itself isn’t very good quality.  Mine had some blemish marks on it.  I also read on blogs from people that have made the bracelet that the thread unravels quite easily.  I have to make mine and see what happens!


Overall, I was disappointed with the My Little Provence Box, as I didn’t think it was as good as March and April’s box, nor did it live up to its great value considering 3 out of the 5 beauty items I got free from L’occitane from their ‘A Little Sunshine From Provence’ campaign.  It is such a shame, as this box had so much potential to be good.  But having said that, I have decided to give My Little Box a chance to redeem itself, and hopefully June’s box will be so much better!

You can subscribe to My Little Box here.

You can read my review on April’s My Little Dream Box here.

Are you a My Little Box subscriber?  What did you think of May’s box?



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