La Roche-Posay Serozinc & Hydraphase Intense Eyes Gel

I don’t think there is anyone out there that hasn’t heard of La Roche Posay, if you haven’t, where have you been?!  French pharmacy cosmetic brands are vast becoming a skincare staple for many beauty lovers.  All of my staple skincare products are from French pharmacy brands.

If you say La Roche-Posay, most people will say Effacer Duo {+}, after all it is their cult beauty product and one that has generated a lot of hype on the blog’sphere.  I have used the product, but sadly it didn’t agree with my skin.
But rewind back to 2014 and I think one the most hyped beauty product (I’m sure there were plenty of other hyped products) was Serozinc.  Beauty bloggers were out in their numbers singing praises for this product, buying it off from eBay as the product was only available across the pond.  But come December 2014, #TheSecretsOut and this product was finally available in the UK. Cue crazy mayhem of people buying this product.

Though like with every brand there are always some products that are left aside and don’t get the attention they need, and thats when I come to play and let them be known to the blog’sphere… After all sharing is caring.

My staple La-Roche Posay products.

My staple La-Roche Posay products.

I first heard of Serozinc* was on the blog’sphere raving how this spritz toner in a can, worked wonders for oily/acne prone skin.  My eyes lit up, like a child saw a piece of cake.  I’m always up for testing out new products (providing they make they cut of not containing any highly comedogenic ingredients) and since it was so madly raved, I had to try it.  I actually brought this product back in April 2014, when I went to Paris and after using it for a short period of time, I didn’t really think much of it.  In fact I thought, gosh I wasted 7€ in trying this ‘hyped’ product.

But when I got given this in a goody bag after attending the PR event for the launch of Serozinc, I thought maybe I should give it another try, since there was a lot of praise around this product from a leading dermatologist that evening.  Now fast forward to May 2015 (yes approx 6 months later), was when I decided to thoroughly test out this product.


This blue can only contains three ingredients – THREE ingredients.  I think this has got to be the only product I’ve ever used in my entire life that contains three ingredients.  The product is packed with La Roche-Posay’s thermal spring water, zinc sulphate (0.10%) and sodium chloride (0.75%), which altogether work to target blemishes, marks and excess oil.

I have used this for over a month and I am definitely converted.  I don’t know what it is, but when I spritz this all over my face it just feels so good.  I love the cooling effect it leaves and when I dab a cotton pad over it, I find my skin is left feeling hydrated.  My skin recently has been at its best, breakout of spots has reduced along with the redness.  Whilst I can’t say this product was the main reason for it, I can say that I was very sad when this product ran out over the weekend.  Don’t worry I quickly made a purchase online, next week I shall be reunited with this product.

Now next up is one product that I feel needs a bit more hype and love.  So feast your eyes on Hydraphase Intense Eyes

Even though I don’t suffer from fine lines, wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles (touches a lot of wood – don’t want to jinx myself now), you can never be too young to start using eye products.  Frankly for me I did start quite late, but like I said I am quite blessed that I don’t suffer from the common eye issues.

I have used this product for over a year now – yes I do sometimes like to thoroughly test my products.  And I love this eye gel, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I have the most bizarre right eye ever.  It’s the only eye that gives me grief when it comes to using eye skincare products.  I have used a fair few eye products to find one that finally does not make my right eye react.  Apart from the fact my right eye adores this gel, what I like is that when you apply the gel it gives a nice cooling sensation feeling.  On the website it states that the eye gel offers intensive, targeted hydration designed to smooth the fine lines caused by dehydration and reduce puffiness.

Hydraphase Intense Eyes

Hydraphase Intense Eyes

For those suffering from oily/acne prone skin and are in need for a new hydrating toner, then Serozinc is definitely a product you should try!  As for those with common eye issues or have sensitive skin around the eyes, then the Hydraphase Intense Eyes is definitely a worthy product to consider.

Escentual is currently offering a 1/3 off on all La-Roche Posay products – get clicking!

What are your thoughts on these two La Roche-Posay products?  Have you used Serozinc?



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