My Little Box: My Little French Riviera Box ⚓️⛵️ ☀️🐚

It wasn’t long ago that I reviewed last month’s My Little Box and now I’m back again with June’s box.  This box literally arrived on Saturday and it has landed on the blog in two days, as oppose to seven days!  I have to say I’m very impressed with my fast blogging skills.

Lat month I was disappointed with May’s My Little Provence Box.  It was the first time (hopefully) the only time, I will ever be disappointed.  I felt that I didn’t get my value for money with that box.  You can read my thoughts about it here.

So this month’s box had a lot of work to make up for the disappointment and did it do the job? Yes it did.  I was very impressed with the theme this month and after watching the teaser trailer video, I was quite excited to receive the box!  However, having said that… there is one product I am not a fan of.

My Little French Riviera Box

My Little French Riviera Box

My Little French Riviera Box

My Little World Magazine
I don’t really need to explain the concept of the magazine, as its the same for each month.  The magazine is filled with makeup, hair and beauty tips.  This month we got treated with an interview with Sarah Lavoine, who My Little Box collaborated with on this box.  I’m not a fan of this magazine, purely because it is a large folded up piece of paper, which makes it very hard to read on the train.  I don’t understand why UK subscribers do not get the same type of magazine as the French subscribers?  They get the one where it is an actual magazine you flick through.  Whats with the special/different treatment?

Sunglasses Sarah Laboine x My Little Box – £18
Sadly I do not have 20/20 vision nor do I wear contacts, so I won’t be able to wear these gorgeous sunnies in the sunny months that I’ll experience in London.  But these sunglasses are fab. Very retro looking and bang on trend as round sunglasses are a big thing in the fashion world.  Designed exclusively by Sarah Lavoine for My Little Box. I received the one in brown (there is also a black version),  I adore the matte finish and with UV protection of 400, these will protect your eyes from the beaming rays.

Planters Duo – £6.50
I quite like this unusual item, the texture makes it feel very durable, but having said that my one did arrive damaged.  The big one – the stitching has already come apart and I have black stains on the little one.  I have emailed My Little Box about it, so waiting for their reply.  But anyway, this wonderful item was designed by Kanako.  Kanako is the person behind the stunning drawings on the box, I am always in awe of her creation.  They planters can be used to store plants or it can be used as storage for your makeup/beauty items.  I’m thinking the latter for me.  One can never have too many storage items.

Wonderful goodies.

Wonderful goodies.

Nail Polish Loved By Sarah Lavoine – £6.50
This nail polish shade is gorgeous and it is also Sarah Lavoine’s favourite colour and My Little Box have locked it in a small bottle so we can all share this stunning colour together.  Even though I’m not one to wear colour on my nails, I will definitely be wearing this colour throughout summer, despite it not being a typical summer shade.

Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique Nourishing Milk – £20.50 (150ml)
I do not need to explain the love Kérastase with many people and this product is loved by many.  The product provides protection for your hair against heated styling and it leaves hair looking and feeling healthier, super soft and shiny looking without having to go to a salon and paying the hefty price tag.  This leave-in hair treatment is also proven to speed up your blow dry by half the time!  I cannot wait to try this little magic treatment!

Sea Salt Fresh Scrub – £8.50 (75ml)
Out of the three beauty products, this by far is my favourite one!  I’m always very impressed with the My Little Beauty products, and I just wish we could buy the products in the UK (please My Little Box, make this happen!).  This magic little number, absolutely smells divine.  It honestly smells like the ocean and even the colour of the scrub just looks like the colour of a clear blue ocean.  The scrub is made of Guérande sea salt crystals (sounds very posh) and Ajonic water (even posher sounding ingredient) and it is prefect to prep your skin ahead of the summer months.  Say goodbye dry, rough skin and hello to super soft and smooth skin!

My Little French Riviera Box

Overall, I was impressed with this month’s box.  Still not impressed with the paper folded up magazine, I’m hoping the people over at My Little Box will take the hint from other subscribers that we want the flick through magazine.  But My Little Box has managed to just redeem themselves,  so I won’t be unsubscribing just yet.

You can subscribe to My Little Box here.

You can read my review on May’s My Little Provence Box here.

Are you a My Little Box subscriber?  What did you think of June’s box?



8 responses to “My Little Box: My Little French Riviera Box ⚓️⛵️ ☀️🐚

  1. I am really disappointed this month, the only thing I really love are the sunnies!
    I always feel a bit meh when I get hair and body products, or too much of a beauty boxes ‘own brand’ products, which this box has 3 of (nail polish, scrub and plant bag things).

    I wish they’d bring back the glossy mag, the paper one is a nightmare to read!

    • Yes I definitely agree with you that I wish they bring back the glossy mag! I don’t understand why we stopped getting it!

      I actually enjoyed this month’s product, it was much better than last month’s one!

    • Yes I think this month made up for last month’s disappointing box (for me anyway) I love the smell of the scrub. Haven’t used it yet, but it smells gorgeous! :D

  2. I wasn’t happy with the sunglasses, no use to me as my vision isn’t perfect and I don’t wear contacts. They do look decent quality, but free sunglasses are the staple giveaway of various woman’s summer glossy mags. :(

    • Yeah I can’t wear the glasses either but I do like the style and the finish of them though. Just a same we don’t have perfect vision! ):

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