Zoeva Luxe Cream Lipsticks

I don’t think there is one beauty blogger that doesn’t know the Zoeva brand.  When you say ‘Zoeva’, I’m sure everyone would say ‘oh my god, I want the Rose Gold Brush Set!‘ No kidding who doesn’t.  Well I probably don’t want it as much as others, because if you know me or have read my blog, you know I don’t go the full shabam (what kind of word is that?!) with makeup.  I tend to use fingers rather than brushes to apply foundation.  But anyway, bottom line is, Zoeva is one hyped and loved brand by many people.

My love for Zoeva, are for their wonderful Luxe Cream Lipsticks.  I first saw these bad boys on the lovely Sarah @ Temporary Secretary blog post.  When I saw the swatches, she did for the lipsticks, I was like ‘I need these!!!!!’.  Technically speaking, I don’t.  Because I have a shed load of lipsticks in my drawer that I haven’t used and really should use, but then a girl can never have too many lipsticks.

I’m quite lucky that I have friends living in Germany that were coming over for a visit, so I asked them to see if they can find me these lipsticks in Douglas Parfümerie.  At first the answer was no, because turns out they only stock their makeup brushes, everything else had to be ordered in.  I guess their makeup products are not as popular as their brushes.  I was a little bit disappointed, as I left it till 4 days before they were coming over to tell them to pick up these two lipsticks for me.
So I wasn’t holding my hopes up that the products will arrive in time for them to bring it over.  BUT speedy service in Germany.  Boy the Germans do not mess around, the lipsticks arrived in time!

Zoeva Luxe Cream Lipsticks

Zoeva Luxe Cream Lipsticks

Lets all just take a moment here, to admire the beauty of these lipsticks.  The packaging is sleek and feels luxurious with the magnetic closure.  The two colours I picked out of the 9 available from the collection were:

  • Cross My Heart (new shade for the Spring Collection)
  • Cooling Passion

For those that have seen my red lipstick collection blog post, could easily scream ‘you don’t need any more red lipsticks’.  I just love red lipsticks, I think they are the only shade of colour I could pull off and a colour that goes well with my yellow skin tone.  Besides, like I said before a girl can never have too many lipsticks, nor too many red lipsticks either!  Any excuse to justify my reason for buying these lipsticks!

Left to right: Cross My Heart and Cooling Passion.

Left to right: Cross My Heart and Cooling Passion

Before I go into more detail talking about these lipsticks.  Just wanted to you all to know, this is the FIRST TIME, I have ever swatched lipsticks.  Honestly I really didn’t want to, hence the small swatch (haha).  I love lipsticks in their pristine condition.  This is probably why I have so many lipsticks I haven’t used!  Okay, I need to work on that.

Now lets start of with Cross My Heart.  This was a new shade for Spring, and it is colour that I do not have in my lipstick collection.  I have loved the dark red lip look for a long time, but i was always worried I will look too vamp/goth and I wouldn’t be able to pull off the colour.  But after seeing it on the model lips on Zoeva website, I was like this is the perfect dark wine red shade ever.  I just had to get it and boy the colour is gorgeous in the flesh.


Cross My Heart

Cooling Passion, this colour just screams ME.  I love a bright red lipstick look, this colour I know for a fact I can pull off.  As in my collection I’m sure I have something similar, if not identical.  But hey who cares right?!  Described as a ‘bright cool red’, this shade is perfect to rock as a daytime or night time look whatever the occasion might be!

Cooling Passion

Cooling Passion

These lipsticks have high pigmentation with just one swipe and they feel very creamy and moisturising.  The lipsticks are enriched with ivy, mallow and elderflower to guarantee nourishing and moisturising benefits.  Zoeva lipsticks are vegan, paraban-free and free of phthalates.

Zoeva Luxe Cream Lipsticks costs 8.50€ / £7.50 and is available to purchase online from Zoeva and selected online retailers.

Have you tried Zoeva Luxe Cream Lipsticks before?  What are your thoughts on Zoeva?



4 responses to “Zoeva Luxe Cream Lipsticks

  1. Wow! Honestly i always thought that Zoeva makes brushes only. I’ve never heard about lipsticks. I should fix this space in my beauty bag! Thank u for the post!
    P.S. If u interested in cosmetics you may visit to my blog :)

    • I never knew they did lipsticks as well – so I was totally surprised when I saw these! Definitely worth getting! (: x

  2. I have yet to try anything from Zoeva (including their brushes which are on my wish list). I recently saw an eyeshadow palette of theirs which looked gorgeous..now these lipsticks! Time to order some of their items I guess :)

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