Smoking Goat – Thai BBQ Joint

So I totally LOL’d (should I even use this word on social media?!) when my friend told me we should have lunch at this place.  I mean com’on, SMOKING GOAT.  I don’t know why but I found the name of this place just so funny.

Swiftly moving on, so since I knew nothing about this place and I have to admit somewhat disappointed, as I’m meant to be the person that knows all the new eating places in London. GOD DAMN IT. Losing my mojo now.  But none the less was eager to try this new place.  My friend described it as, “oh its a place that serves Thai food!” – Well that’s a great description(!).  But after doing some researching myself, which mainly consisted of reading reviews online.  Smoking Goat is described as ‘Wood Ember Barbecue with Thai flavours.’

For those that are live in London, don’t you think lately there has a been a mass increase of barbecue food type restaurants?  Like where did they all come from?!  But I guess a joint selling Thai BBQ food is very different.  i can’t think of many places in London, that serves food like this.

Now annoyingly Smoking Goat’s website is so minimal, I mean see for yourself (click here).  All it has is information on where the restaurant is located, opening times and you can sign up to the mailing list.  And since I didn’t take a picture of the menu, some dishes I would need to guess what it was and the prices.  Slightly annoying, as I really do think Smoking Goat should at least have a menu on their website.  Why so secretive?

Smoking Goat is located on 7 Denmark Street, so for those music lovers out there, Denmark Street is where it is at for all things music.  On first impression, the place is quite small/cosy and low lighting (how on earth are these pictures going to come out nice!), I quite like the cosy eating style, but for some people it might not be your cup of tea.  I really liked the choice of furniture and decor, it gave off a nice rustic feel.

Smoking Goat

We sat down and the couple next to use was eating the Whole Cornish Chilli Crab (£20), which looked pretty amazing, but extremely messy, me and my friend was totally not up for having messy fingers.  Maybe next time.
Now the menu (from what I remember), was quite small.  Few starters and mains, which in my opinion it ideal as you would hope that means the food will be great.  Obviously not saying that places with lots of choices serve bad food, but sometimes keeping it small is better.

As I’ve said before, I did some research into the restaurant and found that the chicken wings were pretty raved about.  So definitely had to try those.  The problem was do I share with my friend or do we get one each, we was debating for £6 how many chicken wings would you get? 3 or 4 maybe?  In the end we asked the waiter and he said you get three and I was like ‘yes we need two portions.  I could eat three by myself!’.  Now for £6, I guess it is a little bit pricey for three chicken wings, but then eating in London, I would expect anything less.  BUT, oh there is a big BUT.  These chicken wings were fingerlicking good.

Chicken Wings in Fish Sauce

Chicken Wings in Fish Sauce

Chicken Wings in Fish Sauce (£6), why hasn’t my mother come up with something like this.  They are probably the best chicken wings I’ve had in London (bold statement I know).  The skin was so crispy.  If you are someone that doesn’t like eating the skin, then frankly I wouldn’t bother eating this as you will be missing the point of eating these wings.  It was so light and crispy, no greasy feeling.  The fish sauce was a great combination, it wasn’t overpowering but you could taste the subtle hint of the sauce.  Honestly, I probably could of eaten another portion.

Now onto the mains.  This is where it gets a bit interesting, as I have to remember what we had.  Smoking Goat, if you do ever read this, I am sorry if I totally got the food wrong!

Slow Roast Duck with Sweet Soy

Slow Roast Duck with Sweet Soy

When I was trying to remember what this dish was, by looking at the photo, I was convinced it was chicken that I had.  But after going through several photos on social media.  It is 100% positive, that this dish was duck.  Slow Roast Duck with Sweet Soy (£15), the marinade was absolutely delicious, and the meat was soft, tender and juicy.  I wasn’t a fan of the sauce that was accompanied with the duck on the side, as I think whatever they used to marinade the duck was right for me.

Smoking Goat Soho

My friend went for this massive rib (I think it was described as a rib).  Now I have searched high and low on social media to see if I can find the exact name of this dish, but the answer is no I couldn’t.  I can’t even remember if this was pork or beef – I’m rubbish at this.  I was considering not to put this dish on the blog, but with the power of social media and photos, I’m 99.9% sure if you was to show this photo to the lovely staff at Smoking Goat, they would know what dish this is!  Despite not remembering the name of the dish and what type of meat it was, you’ll be pleased to hear, my friend thoroughly enjoyed eating this.  He demolished it all.

Green Papaya Salad

Green Papaya Salad

Every main meal is served with a side of sticky rice and green papaya salad.  If you like eating food with a strong kick and love chilli’s and heat (you must be crazy) then this salad is right up your street.  Whilst it was refreshing with nice flavours, it was far too hot for me.  I had to take several big gulps of water to wash away the fire in my mouth. Ha.

If you’re looking for a new restaurant to eat out in London and you’re bored of the usual BBQ joints then Smoking Goat is the one to try!

Smoking Goat is located on 7 Denmark Street.  Serving food Monday to Saturday, between 12pm to 3pm, 5pm to Midnight.  Sunday 12pm- 9pm.

Have you been to Smoking Goat before?  What are your thoughts on a Thai BBQ joint?



One response to “Smoking Goat – Thai BBQ Joint

  1. Credit where due. This place is epic and great review to go alongside it. Love this place (ashame people have not listened to my recommendation and try it themselves.)

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