My Little Box: My Little Road Trip Box

So after another week out of action on my blog, I am BACK!  It was my birthday last Tuesday, so I did have an excuse.  I literally spent Friday – Monday eating out at different restaurants, that on my actual birthday I decided to have a detox! haha.

Anyway, you’re not here to read about me talking about my birthday and detox.  It is that time of the month, where I talk about My Little Box (again!).  My Little Box just managed to save themselves, from me cancelling my subscription with the My Little French Riviera Box, last month, so lets hope this month box would be just as good.

Unlike last month, I didn’t receive any emails giving me a sneak preview and I tried my best to stay away from all social media, just to add more surprise into my life when I received the box.  The box arrived last week, and I immediately opened it up straight away and when I saw the box, I squealed.  Road Trip.  My Little Road Trip Box.  For those who know me, know that I am a wanderlust.  I love travelling, I mean who doesn’t.  So I was very excited to see what goodies would be packed inside this box!

My Little Road Trip Box

My Little Road Trip Box

My Little Road Trip Box

Travel Organiser by My Little Box – £10.50
When I go on holiday, I’m always one to put my money, passport and board tickets in another zipped bag (usually its a spare makeup bag I have).  But now I actually have a travel organiser to use!  I love the drawing, and the quote “Life is like a road trip enjoy each day”.  Inside the travel organiser there is room for passport, credit cards, boarding tickets and money and what is cool about this organiser is that there is also a zip lock, so you can put things like coins, keys or anything you don’t want to rummage through your bag to find and zip it away!

Ready-to-Send Notebook and Cristal Stylus Bic Pen – £4.90
Now, I’m not quite sure what the difference is between a normal Bic pen and a Cristal Stylus Bic pen, apart from the design, but I do find the Cristal Stylus Bic pen a lot more comfier to hold.  I quite like this little gift, the whole idea is to write down little messages in the notebook and once you’ve filled up all the pages, the notebook can be folded, stamped and sent off to a special someone!  My one gripe, is that the pages are rather small… may need to work on the size of my handwriting!

Golden Temporary Tattoo Set by DCER – £3.50
I love how temporary tattoos are now back in fashion and is deemed as cool enough to wear.  I remember when I was younger and I used to wear temporary tattoos, and it was like “this girl is trying too hard, she should just get a tattoo” and now its pretty normal and fun to wear them!  When I saw this cute little number in the box, I was so happy because a) designs are pretty and b) its GOLD!  Now it would of been nice to have some English instructions on how to use them (I assume all the French writing at the back are the instructions…)

Road Trip Goodies

Road Trip Goodies

Essie Nail Polish in Roarrrrange – £7.99 (13.5ml)
I think Summer nails always equals to bright pop colours.  Whilst I’m not a fan of wearing nail polish on my fingers, I don’t know why I always just have the urge to take it off after a few days.  But I love adding a bit of colour to my toes!  Now orange, isn’t a shade I normally would wear, as it is a bit too bright, but I think this colour is perfect to wear in the Summer and I do love Essie Nail Polish, as they are salon quality with a no-chip formula that lasts for ages!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – £1.99 (125ml)
My all time favourite micellar water!  This is a dupe of the Bioderma Micellar Water, but in my opinion even better and much more affordable, you can read my full review here.  I was always wondering when will Garnier release a travel size version, and when I spotted it a few months ago in Boots, I was like YES!  I had to restrain myself from buying this little cute miniature, as I wasn’t going on holiday so I really didn’t need to purchase it.  Now I have one, I have been taking this with me to the fitness classes I attend 4 times a week, to remove all traces of my makeup!

Summer Sorbet – After Sun Body Gelée – £9.00 (100ml)
When I opened this box, I remember smelling this wonderful scent and i was thinking “what could it be?” And it was this product.  I am forever impressed with the My Little Beauty products, and if we could buy the products in UK, I would purchase every single one of them, especially the skincare products!  This little number smells sooo good.  I could smell the scent from the bottle without opening it!  Whilst I am not one to sit in the sun and top up the daily dosage of sunny rays, this product is just what you need to slather onto your skin after having some sun exposure.  The light, soft, sorbet extra immediately calms, hydrates and moisturises your skin all at once.  My Little Box describes it as “after sun cream is to your skin, what ice cream is to your tastebuds!”

Summer Sorbet Dreams

Summer Sorbet Dreams

This month box gets a BIG THUMBS UP from me!  You may have noticed I didn’t mention anything about the My Little World Magazine, because My Little Box still hasn’t given UK subscribers flick through magazine, instead we are stuck with a paper folded up magazine.  So until I get given an actual magazine, I won’t be talking about it!

You can subscribe to My Little Box here.

You can read my review on June’s My Little French Riviera Box here.

Are you a My Little Box subscriber?  What did you think of July’s box?



13 responses to “My Little Box: My Little Road Trip Box

    • I would definitely recommend it! I’ve only so far had one box that I wasn’t impressed with, which was the My Little Provence Box. But other than that, I’ve loved the boxes! (: xx

  1. I love My Little Box been subscribed for a while now and review them also :-) Thought this months box was great, I love the sorbet gel too! When I first subscribed they did send flick through mags, I’m disappointed they don’t send them anymore too. XX

    • I know, I wish we got the flick through magazines! Don’t know why we don’t get it but France and Japan subscribers do.

      The sorbet gel smelt soooo good x

    • Thank you Kimmy! (:
      The My Little Box is a great little subscription. It’s the only subscription service I have signed up to, and I love it!

      Ah that sucks. But I heard Sepohra is bringing out their own beauty box! Or maybe me and you should do an international swap! 😄😉 x

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