Granger & Co – Clerkenwell Branch

So last month was my 28th birthday and I don’t know why but I tend to have a few birthday lunches/dinner with different set of friends – I really ought should just merge it into one.  But then I can’t eat at multiple places…greedy pig I am.

Now this year with my uni friends, I organised a Saturday lunch celebration at Granger & Co (Clerkenwell branch).  I’ve been to this branch before last year and had their ‘Full Aussie’ and it was delicious.  I’m not a fan of scrambled eggs, but gah the eggs here are licking lips good!

I remember the first time I visited Granger & Co, I was taken aback by the decor of the restaurant.  I have a massive thing for walking up a set of stairs till you get to a landing with restaurants/houses and they have it here at the Clerkenwell branch.  I don’t know why, but for me it creates a really grand feel.  The restaurant is very bright and airy and even though i’ve never been to Australia, the restaurant definitely gives off an Aussie beach vibe feel.


Granger & Co

The bar area

Granger & Co

I like restaurants that use the ‘one sheet’ menu layout, everything they serve is all on one sheet, there is no need to flick through several pages and been given realms and realms of choices, because sometimes the less choice the better!  Though saying that I was torn between several options (haha), but in the end I stuck by with my first choice.

Even though pork is not my first choice when it comes to meat, I do love a good ol’ pork belly.  Probably the most fattiest part of pork meat, but it’s the best!  So the Crisp Pork Belly Brioche Roll with Chilli Jam (£11), was an obvious choice for me.  The dish came served with a small side salad that consisted off, coriander and onions (please note tomatoes are not included – these were kindly given to me by my friend who hates tomatoes!)  The pork belly was delicious, crispy yet tender and soft.  From what I remember it didn’t have much seasoning to it, but accompanied with the chilli jam it had the right flavours.  The brioche roll itself was nice and soft, and usually when it comes to eating burgers I tend to go for the skinny version (ditch the bun for a salad).  But whilst this option wasn’t available at Granger & Co, I was glad that option didn’t existed as I wouldn’t been able to have this brioche bun – beats a normal burger bun any time!

Granger & Co

Crispy Pork Belly…

No burger meal is complete without French Fries (£3.80), now I’m almost 99.9% sure that these french fries were seasoned with rosemary.  But if you do make a visit to Granger & Co, and they don’t come with that seasoning, I’m sorry!  Fries are fries, lets be real here.  Nothing overly fancy with the fries here, but these ones were crispy, yet soft inside and topped with rosemary seasoning (I’m going to assume there was rosemary seasoning), these fries were moreish!  Yummy…

With great food, great drinks, great company and a great atmosphere I had a wonderful birthday lunch at Granger & Co.  All my friends thoroughly enjoyed the food and we all had different meals, so you’ll be pleased to know that the restaurant serves great food!

Now I just need to make it in time to try out their breakfast menu… twice I’ve missed it now!

Granger & Co

If you are in need of a new breakfast/lunch place to munch at, then Granger & Co is the one for you!

Granger & Co is located in Clerkenwell, Notting Hill and Kings Cross.  Clerkenwell is the only branch that accepts reservations.

Have you been to Granger & Co before?



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