Sweet Cecily’s Elderflower and Almond Hand Cream

When it comes to hand creams, just like lipsticks I like to hoard.  It doesn’t matter if I have 10 unopened hand creams in my drawer, there is always room for more hand creams.  If you look at my drawer, your first reaction would be, seriously all these hand creams could last year for a good couple of years!

So when I was contacted by Adlet, to review a hand cream from Sweet Cecily’s, I obviously couldn’t say no.  I mean it would be rude, right?

I’ve never heard of Sweet Cecily’s before, and after saying yes to the hand cream, I did some research into the company.  I am shocked that I never came across this wonderful brand before.  Where have you been all my life?!!

For those who love products that are all natural and made in the UK, then this brand is right up your street.  Sweet Cecily’s is a natural skincare company that adds a little personal touch to their products, by personal the brand listens to what the customers want!  Their formulas and flavours have been largely created by suggestions made on social media.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t know many brands that actually do that.  All their products are free from Parabens, Petrochemicals, Harmful Preservatives and SLS.

Sweet Cecily's Elderflower and Almond Hand Cream

Sweet Cecily’s Elderflower and Almond Hand Cream

I got sent the Elderflower & Almond Hand Cream*, which is right up my street.  I love the smell of almonds and I love a good ol’ cream that has the almond scent too.  The hand cream was packaged in a small cream linen bag with a cute luggage tag shaped note with their social media handles, so you can share your views on the product with the team.

The hand cream is packed into a dainty plastic jar, and I really love everything about the packaging.  The print, the colours, the font used and I love the fact my label was a bit wonky – as it shows that it is all produced and packaged by a human!

When I first saw the hand cream, I noticed the texture looked thick, as I was bit worried that it might be hard to get the cream out of the jar.  However that wasn’t the case, the cream itself is a whipped texture and when applied onto the skin and rubbed in, it sinks straight away into the skin.  Now the smell itself, was a little bit disappointing because I couldn’t really smell the almond scent.  The elderflower was a little bit too overpowering, therefore making the scent have a very sweet smell.  I like sweet scents, but this was just a little bit too much.  But having said that, the cream did leave my hands feeling very soft and supple.  It is now safely put on my bedside table for me to use in the evenings before I go to sleep, giving my hands a nice little pamper!

Apart from hand creams, Sweet Cecily’s also products for the lips, face and body.  Another interesting touch, is that you can also order make-your-own kits and personalised products, which is a nice little touch for birthdays, Christmas and even weddings!

Overall, the hand cream itself is a real contender to many of the hand creams we have on the market, like L’occitane, Crabtree and Evelyn, The Body Shop and many more.  And for £6.95 for a 50ml jar, it really is a good price!  There is also a Sea Buckthorn Berry Hand Cream version, which is a popular item for Sweet Cecily’s.

I now have my eyes on their Rose Water Toner and Rose Body Butter, yes besides having a thing for almonds, I also have a thing for rose scented products.  I think my bank card is going to hate me…

Have you heard of Sweet Cecliy’s?  Have you used any of their products?



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