My Little Box: My Little Fashion Box

Howdy beautiful people!  It’s been a while, since I’ve typed away on this blog.  Last post was 20 days ago.  Yes, you’ve read it right, 20 days ago.  Well for those who follow me on Instagram, and if you don’t then why not? haha… joking.  You would have been greeted with my holiday spam of New York photos.  I went to New York, two weeks ago (god its been two weeks already) and had the best of times, so stay tuned as next week posts will be dedicated to my New York trip!

Anyway swiftly moving on, with Fashion Week kicking into full swing which started on September 10th, and New York was the first destination, it only makes sense that My Little Box theme for September is, My Little Fashion Box.

I received this box, when I got home from my holiday and as always I was very excited to see the contents of the box.  I didn’t do any snooping whilst I was in New York – mainly because I did totally forget about the box.  But this month, sure does gets a double thumbs up from me!

My Little Fashion Box

My Little Fashion Box

My Little Fashion Box

American Vintage x My Little Box Scarf – €24
So I got to admit, I have never heard of American Vintage, despite the brand being 10 years old!  I really like the colour and pattern of the scarf.  It comes in a nice box with instructions at the back showing you three different ways to wear the scarf.  Not sure I can rock “The Pirate Look” though, maybe I’ll stick to “The Boy Scout Look”.  The scarf is perfect to add a bit of colour to an outfit, and it is a must have item for this autumn!

Nail Decals by Alfa-K x My Little Box – €5.90
I’m not one to wear nail varnish on my nails, so these nail decals unfortunately won’t be much use to me.  However I really like the pattern and the colours used.  I’m sure this will be loved by many of my friends, now its just deciding which one to give it to… If you’re a big nail art lover, Alfa-K (another new brand for me), have a lot more nail decals online for you to choose from.  You can view the collection here.

Red Dingue, Lip Cream by My Little Beauty – €22
Yes, finally a lip product from My Little Beauty.  I am very fond of this range which is produced by My Little Box, their products have never disappointed me and I absolutely adore their packaging too.  Now when I first saw this product, I thought “please don’t let this be a lip gloss”.  Thankfully it wasn’t!  The colour is a gorgeous raspberry red, it is easy to apply with a great colour pay off.  The lip cream is also long lasting and enriched with vitamins to ensure your lips are looked after throughout the day and night!

Fashion Goodies...

Fashion Goodies…

La Roche Posay Effaclar K (+) – £14.90
La Roche Posay, LRP.  I don’t think there is anyone in this world that hasn’t heard of this marvellous French beauty brand.  Now one of their most loved products of all time, has got to be Effacer Duo (+).  I didn’t get along with this product, so for me my most loved LRP product is Serozinc.  I’ve heard of Effaclar K before, but never paid much attention to it, and it seems like now, they have an more updated version.  So what is Effaclar K (+)?  It is a moisturiser that goes beyond just refining the way your skin looks and its texture.  From the very first application, it absorbs oil and helps to reduce the appearance of blackheads.  So you’re left with a soothed, refined and fresh skin for up to 8 hours.  Hello my new skin saviour!

Kérastase Couture Styling Laque Noire – £16 (100ml)
Don’t you hate it, when you style your hair and it totally gets ruined because of frizz, flyways and humidity?  Well fear not, this is when Kérastase comes to the rescue!  This stylish spray, provides your hair with serious hold.  It gives your locks nothing but some tough love, make sure the rebellious locks, stays in place all day.  Thanks to its lightweight formula it delivers fizz and flyaway control, allowing you to be in control of your locks!


Another winner from My Little Box!  If you’ve been meaning to subscribe but not sure if you should, you definitely should take the plunge!  You won’t be disappointed!  You can subscribe to My Little Box here.

Now sadly this will be my last My Little Box post, as I cancelled my subscription few weeks ago.  Not because, I was disappointed from the boxes, far from it!  Re-evaluting my finances like a big girl, so for the time being, putting a stop to this subscription!  I must stay clear of social media next month, might get super jealous of Octobers box, as no doubt it will be an autumn theme…

You can read my review on August’s My Little Gypset Box here.

Are you a My Little Box subscriber?  What did you think of September’s box?



3 responses to “My Little Box: My Little Fashion Box

    • Heya! You should, it’s worth it for £15 and the items you get are really good as well. I’ve only had one bad box out of the 6 months I’ve subscribed! x

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