Yardley London English Bluebell Launch Event

I often try my best to write about bloggers event I have been invited to on my blog, but I just never manage to find time to write it within the next few days!  But this time round, I wanted to share with you an event I went to last month organised by the lovely people at Dowal Walker. I have already been to a few events organised by Dowal Walker and have always had an amazing time.  I still can never quite believe it when I get sent invitations to attend their events!  So thank you so much Dowal Walker!

I got invited to the Yardley London English Bluebell Launch Event* (what a mouthful), last month and the event itself was very different to the ones I’ve been to before.  First it was held in a wonderful East London florist shop, called Grace & Thorn.  If you live around the area, make sure you pop in, they sell some amazing plants/flowers!  Secondly, I got to make something and take it home with me.  What I got to make, will remain as a secret for now!

How cute are these plant pots from Grace & Thorn.

How cute are these plant pots from Grace & Thorn

Up until I received the invitation to this event, I never heard much of Yardley London before.  But the brand itself, has been around since 1770!  Pretty impressive right?  Now, it does make me think, why have I never heard or seen Yardley London products before, considering the brand has been around for so long?  My answer to that question, is that the brand itself had an old-fashioned image which appealed to the older market.  However, the brand has been given a makeover to appeal to the younger market, but for those who have been long fans of Yardley London, don’t panic!  The brand is still focused on producing the best scented perfumes, body sprays, body lotions, hand creams and many more products!

With the relaunch of the new image, comes with a launch of a new product, and that my friend is where English Bluebell comes into play.  New for Autumn 2015, Yardley London brings you a new fragrance called English Bluebell, a light fresh and feminine fruity floral fragrance that forms as part of the latest addition to the Contemporary Classics fragrance collection, which includes scents such as English Lavender, English Rose, Lily of the Valley and April Violets.

We was given a lovely presentation by Yardley London brand manager, who spoke to us about the history of the brand, the new product launch of English Bluebell and she also showed us the promo video for the product.  Throughout the presentation, we was encouraged to play with the products that were on the bench in front of us, and I was pleasantly surprised just how light and fruity this scent was.

The English Bluebell scent was created by perfumer Peirre Kurzenne, who was inspired to capture the scent of bluebells blowing in the breeze, to create this wonderful, enchanting and feminine scent.  Bergamont, Green Notes and Cassis provides the uplighting top notes, that are followed by the heart of Bluebell, Jasmine, Lilt of the Valley, Peony and Peach.  Then to enhance the fragrance even more, Sandalwood, Musk, Cedarwood, Amber and Vanilla are added into the base.

Table setting for Yardley London English Bluebell Event

Table setting for Yardley London English Bluebell Event

After the presentation and us beauty bloggers have had a play around and took all the pictures we need of the new product, we was greeted by another lovely lady but this time she was from Grace & Thorn.  She was on hands to show us how to make our very own Terrarium.  I’m not much of a plant/flower know-it-all, so at first I was like “what is a terrarium?!“.  For those who are like me, that have no idea what a terrarium is then let me explain to you.  Terrariums are usually a glass containers that plants are grown inside.  The containers can be either sealable or opened for access and maintenance to the plants inside.  Terrariums are kept as a decorative or ornamental pieces.

Tools to make your very own Terrarium

Tools to make your very own Terrarium

After carefully paying attention on how to make a terrarium, it was my turn to try and replicate the beauty that the lady from Grace & Thorn created (sadly I didn’t take very good pictures of her creation – but she made it look so easy!).

Ta-da…here is my Terrarium…

Terrarium, made by yours truly

Terrarium, made by yours truly

I was very pleased in how my terrarium turned out, I was very creative that evening, and added some fake bluebells (we had to use fake, as they were not in season) into the middle of the stones and I loved how easy it was to make!  It is no proudly sitting in the downstairs room and looked after by my mother, who loves plants and flowers!

As I’ve said before, those who live around East London area, do make sure you pop into Grace & Thorn, and have a look at the stunning plants and flowers they have.  I think I now where to get house warming gifts now!

Yardley London

After the event has finished, I was sent home with a gorgeous goody bag.  Inside the goody bag had the Yardley London English Bluebell EDT, English Bluebell Deodorant Spray, a sample selection of the The Floral Fragrance Collection and a Bluebell Necklace, by Alex Monroe.  I loved the necklace, I am a sucker for small intricate gold necklaces, and as I was going to NYC the next day this necklace came along with me!

English Bluebell Range

English Bluebell Range

Bluebell necklace, by Alex Monroe

Bluebell necklace, by Alex Monroe

Big thank you to Yardley London and Dowal Walker for putting together such an amazing and creative event, that I have ever been to!  I had such a great evening.

Yardley London English Bluebell range, is available at Boots, Superdrug and online at Yardleylondon.co.uk, with prices starting from £2.49 up to £14.99.

If you want to learn how to make you very own terrarium, please click here.

Have you tried Yardley London products before?



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