Lustre Pure Light Classic – Can this device fight off acne?

The last time I spoke about my acne was back in May this year, you can read the post here.  Like many people who suffer from acne, you have good days and you have bad days.  You can go through a long period of time where you don’t have any spots and then boom, the next month you have an outbreak!

For those who follow my blog, will know that I am taking medication to fight off my acne, and those who are new readers (hello and thank you!), I’ve been taking Chinese medication for the last two years.  Its been a long process but I think the doctor has finally found the medication that is able to control my spot outbreak and also improve my skin at the same time.  My acne is very hormones related, and for the last few months my mother nature situation has been on time or just a day or two late.  As a result, I’ve noticed the amount of spots I get during that time, has decreased dramatically!  But the most importantly, is that my skin is the best its ever been!

One of the reasons why my skin is looking its best, is because I’ve been using a little gadget, and that gadget is…*drum roll* LUSTRE PURE LIGHT CLASSIC(I never written a product in capital letters, but hopefully this shows just how great this device is!).

Lustre Pure Light Classic

Lustre Pure Light Classic

Until I came across a tweet they posted on twitter and it popped up on my feed as a ‘promoted tweet’, I have never heard of Lustre Pure Light and the use of blue light therapy to fight off acne.  I tweeted the company and asked if this device is really that good and can fight off acne, and after a few tweets back and forth with the lovely Sarah from Lustre Pure Light, she offered me to try the Lustre Pure Light Classic for free.

So you’re probably thinking “how does blue light kill the bacteria that causes acne?”.  A chemical called porphyrin is what is produced from the bacteria that causes acne.  When a specific wavelength of a blue light is applied to the porphyrin, it becomes excited and this active porphyrin has been clinically proven to destroy the bacteria.

The device couldn’t of have come to me at a better time.  I received this back in May and my skin was having a “moment”.  My skin was red around the chin and mouth with more active spots than usual, so it was perfect for me to try out the device.  Lustre recommends using their device for 60 minutes a day for 8-12 weeks.  Before I dive straight in with how I got on with this device, here is what my skin looked like back in May.

My current skin (06.05.2015)

My skin back in May 2015

I guess to what it used to look like before I started taking medication, then it probably wasn’t as bad.  But as you can see, my skin was red, blotchy and had clumps of spots.  Not a good look at all.

The website states Lustre Pure Light Classic kills the bacteria that cause Acne naturally and is a proven technology designed to allow you to treat your spots and acne at home. The Lustre Pure Light Classic device is hands free and is worn for just 60 minutes a day for 8-12 weeks.  Visible improvements may be seen from just 4 weeks with the best results being seen from 8-12 weeks. Thereafter Lustre Pure Light Classic can be used as an outbreak management device helping you to take control of your acne not just now, but for years to come.

I can tell you that I definitely saw improvements within a few days of using this device. My skin didn’t look as red and the device helped to reduce the size of the spots.  Now admittedly when I first started using the device on 14th May, I was using this religiously as instructed.  Every day for 60 minutes, but once I started my new job I did find it hard to fit in the 60 minutes, by the time I got home, had dinner, showered, prepared for my breakfast and lunch for the next day, I was ready for bed!  So I did miss a few days in the week, where I didn’t use the device.  I tried my best to stick to the instructions and used it for the full 12 weeks, which ended on 30th July 2015.

I then carried on using it 3-4 times a week throughout August, and by the end of August I saw massive improvements to my skin.  During the course of using this device, I also carried on taking my Chinese medication, I changed my diet and started to exercise and along with using this device, all these points played a key factor in how my skin looks at this moment.

To use this device, you need to make sure the affected area is clean, you then stick on the hypo-allergenic attachments strips to the three treatment heads and stick them on the affected area, plug the treatment heads into the controller, set the timer to 60 minutes and away you go!  I did it in the evening whilst watching telly, and before I knew it the treatment was over.  Because of where I was using the treatment heads, I did find that sometimes they can fall off, so its best to do it on clean but not moisturised skin and every now and again just check to make sure the heads are still sticking to the treatment area.

Using the device

Using the device

As I’ve said before, my skin has improved dramatically to the point even my mum has said that the device has helped!  So as you can see below, (please note, this photo was taken in natural daylight and using the front facing camera of iPhone 6) my skin has definitely improved, the redness is minimal and hardly any spots!  YAY!!  Obviously I’m not spot free, I still get spots now and again, but nothing like before.  I hardly get any big spots now, just small ones and even when mother nature is calling, I have seen a dramatic decrease in my spot outbreak (maybe my hormones are finally calming down!)

My current skin (04.06.15)

My current skin (04.06.15)

These last couple of months, I have been so happy with my skin.  Yes I still have spots, I still need to take medication, but I’m so pleased that the redness around my mouth and chin has decreased and the big spots that like to pop up all the time, I now only seen them on rare occasions!

If you suffer from acne, I really do recommend you to try Lustre Pure Light Classic device.  It definitely can improve you skin.  If you are taking any medication, it is best to consult your GP to make sure that you can use this device.  If you’re worried that you don’t have 60 minutes free each day to use this device, no sweat!  Lustre has another device called Lustre Pure Light Pro, that is worn for just 20 minutes a day, no excuses now!

To read more on how blue light therapy can help kill off bacteria that causes acne, please click here.

You can purchase Lustre Pure Light Classic for £159, online at  It is also available to purchase from Boots store and online at – though it is more expensive at £225.  Lustre Pure Light Pro can be purchased online at

Have you used blue light therapy before?  What are your thoughts on the Lustre Pure Light Classic device?



2 responses to “Lustre Pure Light Classic – Can this device fight off acne?

  1. Love this post! You should be so proud of your skin! I’m also currently trying out LED light therapy – I’m using the Lumie Clear, it’s only been 3 weeks but I’m definitely noticing a difference! :) Good luck with the rest of your acne clearing journey!
    Amy x

    • Thank you Amy!

      Yes definitely will recommend you LED blue light therapy! I’ve subscribed to your blog so I can follow your journey! x

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