Soft & Gentle Skin Science Visibly Smooth Deodorant

My friend once told me that if you have sweaty pits, you don’t get sweaty feet.  How true that is, I don’t know!  But I do believe everyone should wear deodorant.  There really is no excuses.  My worst nightmare is experiencing the Central Line sandwich on a hot summer day (for those who travel on the central line, will know how hot it can get on that line!) and you’re standing right under someone who has the arm held on the pole and you breathe in and you literally just breathed in B.O.  Sounds like a bad nightmare right?

I am someone that when I am stressed or nervous, I find that my heart beats faster and my body temperature increases and I’m always worried that I break out in a sweat and another bad nightmare is that I end up with sweaty pits!  This is why, it is very important to find yourself a deodorant that will keep you smelling fresh and does a great job at controlling your sweat.

This is when Soft & Gentle Skin Science Visibly Smooth Deodorant* (that was a mouthful!) comes into play.  A deodorant that claims to minimise the growth of hair within 8 weeks and reduces the embarrassing grey shadow on the underarms, sounds like a winner to me!

Soft & Gentle Visibly Smooth Deodrant

Soft & Gentle Visibly Smooth Deodorant

Soft & Gentle states, Visibly Smooth offers hair minimising protection with Kelisoft™ for visibly smoother underarms in just 8 weeks.  Our unique ingredient, Kelisoft™, is clinically proven to reduce the speed of growth and thickness of hair so your underarms can stay smoother for longer.  Enriched with soybean, Visibly Smooth also moisturises your skin for a long lasting, irresistibly soft touch.

So how does it actually works?  Taken from the website, VEGF is a protein in the body involved in the stimulation of hair growth. In order to reduce hair growth we need to reduce the amount of VEGF produced. The hair growth minimiser, KELISOFT™, contains a natural plant molecule, chelidonine, that reduces the speed of hair growth and the thickness of hair by reducing the production of VEGF. Underarm hair is thinner and grows more slowly resulting in beautiful, smooth underarms.

Soft & Gentle

My thoughts?  Whilst this little compressed can didn’t last me for 8 weeks (I have to stock up!), I must say using it for about 3-4 weeks, I did notice that my hair grew back at a much slower rate and a lot less.  It hasn’t reduced the embarrassing grey shadows on my under arms, so I definitely am going to buy this deodorant again, so I can test this theory!

Apart from being able to reduce hair growth, Soft & Gentle Skin Science Visibly Smooth compressed, also offers 48 hours protection, anti-white and yellow marks and with its new compressed can it lasts just as long as the normal 150ml Soft & Gentle anti-perspirant deodorant.  Which makes it so handy when travelling on holiday and this little bottle fits nicely in your handbag too.

Soft & Gentle Visibly Smooth Deodorant is currently on offer for 90p in Boots store and on  I also use Soft & Gentle Compressed in Wild Rose & Vanilla, which smells divine.  I am off to stock on some more of these wonderful deodorants!

Have you used Soft & Gentle deodorants before?  What are your thought on the Visibly Smooth deodorant?



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