My Little Box: My Little Creative Box

You’re probably doing a double take on this blog title, as I’m sure I said in last month’s post, that I cancelled my subscription with My Little Box.  Well I did, but then I got tempted into subscribing again after I telling my friend to subscribe to My Little Box, as she was looking for a beauty box to subscribe to and I thought maybe I subscribe again… just for another few months.

I received this month box, quite late and as usual I already ruined the surprise by looking at published photos of My Little Box on social media, and it only made me want this box to arrive ASAP!

This month’s theme was creative, collaborating with Pinterest, which totally was not what I was expecting the theme to be.  Given October is all about Autumn, I did think the box will be around that theme.  I think this month’s box was good, but wasn’t great.  As it appears that My Little Box, seems to be reusing products featured in older boxes, which might annoy people that already received the products before!  It certainly would of annoyed me if I got the Sarah Lavoine x My Little Box nail polish again!

My Little Creative Box

My Little Creative Box

My Little Creative Box

My Little Box Tote Bag – €15
Now big supermarkets and shops in the UK have started to charge 5p per bag, this tote bag arrived just at the right time.  The tote bag is nice and sturdy to fit all your shopping inside. It also has the My Little Box new mantra “Collect moments, not things” wrote printed at the back.  However, I would of preferred the pink rose version!

Wire-Wrap Beads – €6
First thing first, on the little paper card you normally get inside each My Little Box that’d describes each of the products.  It states that these beads cost £16?!!!  Think that is a little misprint, considering they are selling it for €6, and doesn’t take a genius to work out £16 does not equal to €6.  But none the less, I actually do like this little tech jewellery and have already used the beads to customise my iPhone cables!

Crème de Minuit by My Little Beauty – €16
The My Little Beauty range is always something I enjoy receiving, so much that I haven’t used any of the products yet.  I think they just look too good, to use and be part with.  Sad I know.  This night cream is packed with shea butter and wheat proteins that soothe and nourish the skin.  It also contains cranberry oil and spirulina that gives your skin the much needed oxygen boost.  With my skin type (acne/oily), I tend to stay clear of products where shea butter is very high up in the ingredients list, and in this night cream it is listed as the 2nd ingredient.  So I think this might make a visit into someone’s Christmas stocking!

Creative goodies...

Creative goodies…

Talika Photo-Hydra Day Cream – £43.50 (50ml)
My Little Box crew, definitely need to proof read the information on the product cards.  As stated on the card for the Talika product: “the latest formula has snuck inside January’s My Little Box”.  And after doing some digging this product, was in January’s My Little Energy Box.  Now I wasn’t a subscriber at that time, so I’m not too fussed this was a product that was already given out in a previous box, but if you was, you’ll be pretty annoyed!
Anyway, so the Photo-Hydra is a deeply hydrating cream  that uses every from natural light to penetrate deep into the skin to keep it hydrated and plumped all day!  The moisturiser contains 
Lipopeptide, which soothes skin, Hydra-Photo Beauty®, that hydrates in-depth into the skin, Hyaluronic Acid, that is known to retain moisture within the skin cells thus plumping the skin and finally Mango Butter that nourishes the skin.  Using this cream will leave the skin looking smooth, hydrated and radiant!

Aïny Un Songe d’Or Beauty Oil – £29.00 (100ml)
One bonus of subscribing to beauty boxes, is that you brands you’ve never heard of are brought to your attention.  That is exactly what happened this month/  I’ve never heard of Aïny before, so was very happy I got this little luxurious oil inside the box.  Having said that Un Songe d’Or Beauty Oil is marketed as a nourishing oil for your face, body and hair.  Now I’m always sceptical of using oils that have this “fit for all” purpose, so this oil will only be used for my body and hair.
Aïny is an eco-chic brand that ventured into the Andes and the Upper Amzon rainforest to source the ingredients used to create  this wonderful oil.  Packed with Sunflower Seed Oil, Bixa Orellana Seed Oil and Soybean Oil, this oil will add radiance from you nails, to your skin and to your hair!

Overall, it was a good box.  My friend loved it and was thoroughly pleased she subscribed to this box.  I just thought it was a bit cheeky to reuse old products from previous boxes and not proof reading their information cards.  Bit sloppy in my opinion.  However, I will continue on subscribing to My Little Box till the end of December!

You can subscribe to My Little Box here. Use the promo code FIRSTBOX, to get your first My Little Box for only £11.00.

You can read my review on September’s My Little Fashion Box here.

Are you a My Little Box subscriber?  What did you think of October’s box?



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