FaceCamp by FaceGym Spa Junkie – Part 1


Take your face to the gym, thats what I saw on the cosmetic bag in the FaceGym stand in Selfridges when I went for my first treatment.  Intriguing right?

Before I dive straight into my experience with FaceGym, lets rewind and talk about the company and this great concept.

We all know how important it is to exercise, staying active and fit, but did you ever think that you can also take your face to the gym too?  Okay, you do take your face to the gym, but you don’t actually put it through any exercise, do you?   That’s where FaceGym can help you.

FaceGym is the UK’s only gym studio for the face.  Their face trainers are on hand to perform a range of lifting and sculpting workouts designed to tarnish 40+ muscles that are in the face.  Impressive right?  This non-invasive, zero risk face lifting solution was created by Inge Theron.  Inge Theron saw an opportunity to create a treatment that was safe for people to do on their face, as she saw a significant increase of invasive procedures that had little regulation put in place.  As most of you are aware, how easy it is now to have fillers or botox done at your local salon.

I’m sure most people’s new year resolution was to be fitter, healthier and stronger for the body, but what about the face?  This is where FaceGym can help you.  With the success of FaceGym treatments, a new treatment was introduced this year: FaceCamp*.  FaceCamp is a the “New Year New You” approach to bootcamp, but for the face!  It offers tailored face workouts and a special juice and smoothie diet, to ensure your skin and face is looking and feeling at its best.

FaceGym is created in partnership with The Juicery, one of the UK’s top Juice brands and WelleCo – the world’s leading whole food and organic supplements line specialising in alkalising greens powder founded by Andrea Horwood-Bux and Elle Macpherson.  A total of 5 different FaceGym types are created and each FaceGym treatment is designed to target different areas of concerns on the face.

FaceGym is a 7 day package which contains the FaceGym’s renowned facial workouts, the use of doctor led skincare product, The Juicery juices and smoothies blended with WelleCo supplements plan, tailored for your specific face concern.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 14.41.42

FaceCamp Plans

So when I was contacted to see if I would be interested in FaceCamp*, I immediately said yes!  I was asked to read through the different face treatments and select the one I wanted to test out.  For those who know me, know I have acne prone skin.  So I knew “Sugar Face” was the right one for me.  Anything that can help with my acne, is a winner for me!

The Sugar Face treatment consisted of:

x 1 Clear Lift Laser (advanced acne treatment)
x 1 Hollywood Lift Laser (sensitive skin will do this over 2-3 week period)
x 2 Signature + Face Ball + Under Eye Booster
Juice recipes & Smoothies from WelleCo & The Juicery

At home, I already do Blue Light Therapy, but I’ve never tried laser treatment before.  So I was really intrigued to see how it can help with the acne, but also a bit nervous incase I get a reaction to it and it makes it even worse!

I had my first treatment on Saturday 30th January and I was greeted by the lovely Marley.  She sat me down in their booth area and gave me my goody bag which consisted of the juice recipes and smoothes from WellCo and The Juicery and also samples of the organic supplement (check on this) and a more detailed description of the Sugar Face treatment.  I also had to fill out a short questionnaire which consisted of questions about my skincare.


Once that was done, Marley explained to me that we would be doing a Signature facial and once that is done she would do a patch test of the laser treatment to ensure I don’t get a reaction- phew! I think I let out a huge sigh of relief, as prior to the treatment, the day before I read an article on how a girl who had perfectly good skin got a reaction to facial/laser treatments so I was a bit worried!

Marley showed and explained to me all the products she would use on my skin, and these were all products that FaceGym sells in Selfridges and on their website.
The products used for the Signature Face treatment are:

I don’t go for many facials, as I’m always worried how my face will react to the products, but after having the first treatment done, I just love having my face pampered!

Marley started off using the Mimi Luzon AHA 10% Cleanser, along with a cleansing brush to clean my skin, away from any dirt and grime.  She then used the Fruit Acid Gel, and yes this did sting.  It was a stung every time she wiped it across my face in particular where my acne was, but I guess thats the whole point of an acid gel, to give that stinging feeling.

The Fresh Face Clearing Mask, was then applied onto my skin and it was left on my skin for 5-10 minutes, before Marley removed it.  Once all the mask was removed she applied the Royal Fern Phytoprotective Anti-Aging Serum, followed on by the Odacité Grapeseed and Grapefruit Facial Serum – absolutely loved this product!  Followed on by the Royal Fern Phytoprotective Anti-Aging Eye Cream. Now it was time for the workout on my face, Marley used different techniques to work the muscles into my face for about 5 minutes and surprising it felt really relaxing, as I knew my face was being looked after.


“Sugar Face” treatment products

After the treatment, Marley took me into the FaceGym private room, to perform a patch test of the laser treatment on my face.  This is to test to see if my skin would react to the treatment.

Once the patch test was done, Marley booked me in for my next 3 sessions which took place on a Wednesday and Saturday!

So that’s it for part 1 of my FaceCamp treatment with FaceGym, stay tuned for part 2 next week!

Have you had a treatment with FaceGym before?  What are your thoughts on FaceCamp?



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