FaceCamp by FaceGym Spa Junkie – Part 2


I’m back everyone with part 2 of my FaceCamp treatment with FaceGym, apologies that it has taken longer than I planned to write part 2.  But my work life has been crazily busy that I’m struggling to find time to blog recently.

Though anyhoo I am back with my final instalment on my FaceCamp treatment.  If you haven’t read part 1 of my experience, you can read it here.   

After my first Signature Facial, the appearance of my skin dramatically changed.  Before I had the facial, my skin was quite red and I had active spots.  But after the facial, my spots reduced and my skin wasn’t as angry and red.
I went back on 3rd February for my first laser treatment, and this treatment was the Clear Lift Laser.  FaceGym are the first to get Clear Lift Laser in the UK.  Clear Lift Laser is an advance acne treatment – hello! Perfect for my skin.

I have to apologise here, for some reason I seem to have lost the photos I took for this second part of the treatment – sorry!  So for the laser treatment, I was taken to a private room.  Inside the room there was a bed, along with the laser treatment device.  There was also a display of products that FaceGym sells, such as Cult 51, Mimi Luzon and Royal Fern.

I had the lovely Marley again, who used Mimi Luzon AHA 10% Cleanser to take off my makeup.  There is something nice about having someone cleaning your face!  I was then given some glasses to wear to protect my eyes, and Marley then started the Clear Lift Laser.  The device was used all over my face, and there was a light zapping noise and a warm heat around my face.  Areas where I had spots, I found the zapping noise emitted out spark sensations – however rest assured, there wasn’t any pain.  In a way, it felt like the treatment was working, zapping away my spots!

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 14.41.42

FaceCamp Plans

After the treatment, Marley used the same products she used on me with the Signature Face treatment.  She applied the Royal Fern Phytoprotective Anti-Aging Serum, followed on by the Odacité Grapeseed and Grapefruit Facial Serum and then the Royal Fern Phytoprotective Anti-Aging Eye Cream.

My next appointment with FaceGym was on 6th February for the second round of the Signature Face treatment.  This time I had Elisabete, who was doing the face treatment.  The same products was used and they were the following:

After all the products was used, it was now time for the face workout.  Elisabete used more pressure compared to Marley, so my face definitely felt like it was given a full workout.  But I think I preferred Marley pressure, as she didn’t use such a strong pressure because of my acne, she said she didn’t want to risk a chance of causing aggravation to my acne.  After a second Signature Face treatment, I started to see why people invest money into facials, its a relaxing treatment for the face.

My last appointment for this FaceCamp was on 10th February, and this time I had Elisabete who performed my last laser treatment, which was the Hollywood Lift Laser.  This treatment is something FaceGym created themselves, which Inge Theron, the creator of FaceGym claims to knock the socks off any other lasers she has ever tried!  Impressive right?  I haven’t had previous laser treatments before, so I can’t claim if this is true.

Elisabeth used the Mimi Luzon AHA 10% Cleanser to take off my makeup, before starting the Hollywood Lift Laser treatment.  Like the Clear Lift Laser, the treatment was used all over my face and there was a zapping sensation.  Again, areas where I had more spots, there was more zapping sensation, but it didn’t cause any pains.  Once the laser treatment was done, Elisabete used the Royal Fern Phytoprotective Anti-Aging Serum, followed on by the Odacité Grapeseed and Grapefruit Facial Serum and then the Royal Fern Phytoprotective Anti-Aging Eye Cream.

And that was the end of the FaceCamp workout!  I thoroughly enjoyed the Signature Face and both of laser treatments, and I definitely saw an improvement with my skin.  However to sustain the improvement, I think regularly laser treatments are needed – which isn’t something I can afford.

However, one thing I can afford is the Odacité Grapeseed and Grapefruit Facial Serum Concentrate.  This facial oil/serum is one of the best skincare oils I have tried.  I say best because the product is great.  But also because the product, didn’t break me out!

So if you are in need of some treatments to help with you face, then FaceGym has it all covered for you.  Now which FaceCamp treatment, would you choose?

FaceGym site 2

Have you had a treatment with FaceGym before?  What are your thoughts on FaceCamp?



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