My Current Skincare Favourites

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If you follow me on Twitter, you’ve probably have seen me tweeting about how I’m finding it hard to blog recently.  So instead of writing a post aimed for one product, I’m going to start grouping products together into one post.  

Bonus for me and you, because I get to show you more products that I am using and loving and you get to read about more products too.  A win-win situation for the both of us!

So I’ve recently started using some new skincare/makeup products and have been loving each and every one of them.  Having acne prone skin, I don’t always get the luxury of being able to try out new products on the market, so freely.  A lot of time goes into, researching the products, obtaining samples, patch testing and then testing it for a few days/weeks, before it gets the ‘Julie Luu‘ seal of approval.  So if you’re someone that suffers from oily/acne/sensitive skin, then these products are worthy of your consideration.

Let’s get started…

Like with foundation, I have been on a hunt for a long while to find a moisturiser that is hydrating enough, but can also help with taming oil production, because no one wants an shiny looking face!  And if you too, have been looking then look no further, the Mizon Hyaluronic Ultra Suboon Cream, ticks all the boxes!  I wish I could take credit for finding this product, but I didn’t.  I found this product via Adrienne from The Sunday Girl, who’s blog I enjoy reading, as she too has the same skin type as my (oily/acne prone) so I’m always intrigued to see what products she has tested that hasn’t broke her skin out!

Back to this moisturiser, I love Korean beauty, but I’ve never heard of Mizon.  Mizon was created by a group of leading Korean beauty researchers and scientists who worked in some of Korea’s most prestigious beauty brands, to make incredible beauty products that are accessible to everyone.  Now, we all know the wonderful powers of Hyaluronic Acid, for anyone that suffers with dehydrated skin, this is one ingredient to look out.  For a mere £4, this moisturiser is packed with 30% Hyaluronic Acid and the texture is lightweight, hydrating and does a good job at controlling oil!  I’m definitely going to invest in another tube.


Current Skincare Favourites

When it comes to eye cream, I’m not one to switch it up and start trying new products, since my right eye is extra sensitive, and any slight irritation will cause it to flare up.  But when I brought the British Beauty Blogger Dream Box IV from Latest In Beauty and it had the Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse Eye Cream, I knew I had to give this a try.  I am already a fan of the Nuxe Gentle Toning Lotion, so it was hard for this product to be a let down.  This cream has a double action, working to fight signs of ageing while de-puffing the eye.  Say goodbye to dark circles and any signs of fatigue and say hello to more youthful revived eye area!  The cream is lightweight, non-greasy and soothing and ensures comfort for even the most sensitive eyes.

This next product, is another product that Adrienne from The Sunday Girl, recommended me and gave me lots of advice with.  I have been a loyal fan of the Bourjois CC Cream, it has me by trust worthy face base for nearly two years and after testing many samples of high-end foundations, I never seem to have found one that satisfies my skin like the CC Cream does.  However, I may have now found a foundation that provides me with a light-medium build able coverage, does a good job at controlling oil and the foundation lasts!  What is this foundation, I hear you asking?!  It is the Bourjois City Radiance Foundation.  Bourjois has brought out two new foundation products this year, the City Radiance and the Air Mat foundation, but after researching on the Air Mat foundation, it didn’t get as great reviews as the City Radiance, so I decided to purchase the latter one.  Boy, did I make a good choice.  This foundation feels lightweight, provides me with a medium coverage (which is what I like), controls oil production well, the makeup doesn’t dissolve and most importantly it doesn’t break me out!  For £9.99, this foundation hands downs beats a lot of high-end foundations I’ve tried!

Dry, cracked, flaky lips, do you experience with these symptoms for your lips?  If you do then I may have found a product that you’ve overlooked like me, but does a great job at solving all those lips problems.  This wonderful product is the Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream.  Yes you’ve read it right, nipple cream.  I really did type out nipple cream.  This nipple cream is the safest, purest and hypoallergenic nipple cream.  Its been developed specifically to help soothe and protect sore and cracked nipples in breastfeeding mothers.  This product is not removed before breastfeeding, so it really does show just how safe it is. My friend, Cally have also told me about this great nipple cream (the conversations we have!), she brought from Paris and just how good it is, used as a lip balm.  I knew I had to try it, since dry cracked, flaky lips is not a good look when wearing lipstick!  But sadly since I wasn’t going to Paris any time soon, I had to settle one that was from the UK.
At £10.49, yes this is a pricey lip balm, but it is one that will last for a long time.  The product is quite thick, so you only need a really tiny bit of cream and your lips are completely covered.  I’ve been using this product, one and off for about few weeks and can say it really does do a good job with the lips!  If its good enough for the nips then its good enough for the lips!

Finally the last product to show you in this month’s current skincare favourites.  If you’ve been reading my FaceCamp by FaceGym posts, you will know the Odacite Grapeseed + Grapefruit (Gr +G) Serum Concentrate, was used on me twice for the two facial treatments and I just fell in love with it. Odacité was born in 2009, as a collection of pure plants ‘Serum Concentrates’ that are rich in skin-essential nutrients to help with the correction of common skin concerns using concentrated oils, to rejuvenate, protect and plump the skin.  The Gr + G Serum Concentrate is aimed for oily/acne prone skin, is a fast-absorbing oil, ich in linoleic acid and powerful anti-inflammatory OPCs, that helps clear existing blemishes whilst preventing anymore unwanted eruptions.  The potent antimicrobial and disinfectant properties encourage clear, smooth, healthy skin!
The smell of this oil is amazing, it is honestly the best oil I have ever tried.  I usually add two drops of this oil to my moisturiser and then massage it into my skin.  It feels lightweight, and doesn’t add any extra oiliness to my skin.  The only downside to the product is the price.  A 5ml battle costs £25, which is expensive for the size.  One 1ml drop costs £5!  I’ve already finished the bottle I brought in February, so it lasts for about a month or so, which is still pricey.  But since the product works, and for my skin type it is a real struggle to find products that doesn’t cause any breakouts, I won’t be saying goodbye to this product, just yet.

That’s it for my current skincare favourites, hope you enjoyed reading it and discovering some new products!

What do you think of the products mentioned?  Do you enjoy reading this type of posts?



15 responses to “My Current Skincare Favourites

  1. I will definitely be picking some of these up as my skin is going through a very rough patch atm! I love your blog and will definitely be following and checking out some more of your posts. It would be great if you could check out mine and leave some feedback or maybe even follow! :)
    Olivia xox

  2. I absolutely love the Bourjous foundation, it never does me wrong. The Nuxe and Mizon products are something I have to try, they sound really good!! Fab post and picks :-)

    Megan X

    • Love the Bourjois City Radiance foundation, it performs better than most of the high end foundations I’ve tested, like Mac, Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown and etc!
      The Mizon cream is really good, totally recommend you purchasing it! I just brought another tube. xox

  3. Oh I’ve never heard of Mizon before! That moisturiser sounds great, I’m always looking for something to tame the oily beast!

    Clare xx

  4. Ah take me skincare/makeup shopping please! I’ve learnt a lot just from this post lol. A new Korean brand I’ve never heard off, didn’t know Bourjois had products that are good to oily/acne prone skin (might need to have a look next time) and a nipple cream that you can even use as lip balm, wow. And loved the bit where you said “If it’s good enough for the nips, then it’s good enough for the lips.” Hahaha! Xx

    • I’m glad you liked that part about the nips and lips! :D seriously it’s really good, beats any lip balm I’ve ever used!

      You’re more than welcome to join me on a skincare/makeup trip! You gotta take me to a food trip though, it’s only fair! 😝

      Oh yes definitely check out Bourjois, I’ve tried sooooo many foundation, only their one has worked for my oily acne prone skin! Plus it’s super affordable, another bonus! More money left over to spend on other products and food! xoxo

      • Sure thing, sounds like a perfect day for me! That’s basically where all my money goes, food and skincare/makeup haha 😂💸💸💸

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