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Another month and its another round of a Pink Parcel box!  Luckily, Pink Parcel was here to rescue me, since we all lost an hour with the clocks going forward. Boo. ):

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription service for your period.  The box consists of all the feminine hygiene products you need, and to help lift your mood and brighten up the days during your monthly cycle, they will also pop in some lovely beauty and lifestyle treats.

You also get to choose the type of feminine hygiene products you want (towels or tampons and also the brand too (Tampax, Lil-Lets, Kotex or Always).  With three dispatch dates to choose from, rest assured the box will arrive a few days before your period, so Pink Parcel really does make sure all bases are covered!

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This month’s Pink Parcel box, I got the following products:

Always Infinity Towels | I was super chuffed when I saw on the website that the Always Infinity Towels were an option, as they are my favourite period towels to use!  I was even more chuffed in the quantity of towels, I received.  I thought to myself, ‘honestly’, I wouldn’t need to buy any more towels now!’  You get some towels to use for now, which is stored in a drawstring bag, towels for later and towels for bedtime!  I’ll think I will be switching up my towels with the Normal Plus and Long Plus ones, each month!

SASS Refreshing Wipes (£2.50) | SASS has been the hero product for Pink Parcel subscribers for the last 6 months.  Subscribers have been treated to different SASS products each month, this month they are treating to subscribers to one of the SASS hero products and I got the refreshing wipes.  I was a little bit disappointed, because I received these in January’s box, but none the less these wipes are handy to stay fresh on the go!

Pink Parcel ‘Hello Gorgeous’ Pouch (£3.99) | This little cotton canvas pouch is cute!  I love the choice of font (I’m a sucker for quirky fonts) and even though it is on the small side, it is perfect to keep my favourite lippie and hand cream in!


Montagne Jeunesse Cucumber Peel-Off Face Mask (£1.00 per sachet) | Who doesn’t love a good ol’ sheet mask?!  Now usually my go to sheets masks are ones from Korean beauty brands, like Too Cool For School, Berrisom and SNP, so it is a first for me to try a sheet mask from the UK.  This peel-off mask is formulated for oily, problematic and t-zone skin to remove impurities and dead cells, whilst cleaning and reviving the skin.  After using it for 10-20 minutes, what you are left with is a fresher face!

Mylee Crystal Nail File (£4.89) | Who knew nail files can be so fancy?  I normally use ones that comes in a packet of £10 for under £2, so for one nail file at £4.89, I was thinking this is insane!  However this is no ordinary nail file, this one is made from hardened glass that smooths the nail completely, sealing it, without a single trace of a split, when compared to traditional nail files.  Sounds pretty good right?

PapayaGold Paw Paw Moisturising Balm (£5.99 for 25ML) | Now I’m already a big fan of the Dr Paw Paw version, so I wonder how the PapayaGold will perform.  This moisturising balm is enriched with Bio Active Manuka Honey 20+, to soothe, relieve and moisturise dry, sensitive, chaffed skin and restore dry chapped lips.  Just the right product for me, as I’m currently going through all that!

Native Unearthed Natural Deodorant (Travel Size 40g. £6.49 for 100G) | This deodorant is not like any other deodorant’s, this one is made out of volcanic crystals.  Yes you read it right, volcanic crystals.  The deodorant included in this month’s Pink Parcel box is infused with Aloe Vera.  We all know that Aloe Vera provides naturally soothing and healing qualities, coupled with this deodorant, it is perfect at keeping your fresh and odour free all day long but being gentle and natural to your skin.  With the weather warming up, I mean who am I kidding, this is UK, we operate on one season (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) all mixed in one.  But when we do experience a heat wave, this deodorant will be perfect to make sure you stay sweat free, after all no one likes a sweaty armpit.



Simple Candle Co Wax Melt (£2.00) | I’m not one to burn candles often, only when I feel like it.  But wax melts are great if you’re not sure you want to spend a lot of money on candles, just in case you don’t like the scent.  I got the scent ‘Damson Noir’, which harvests a scented notes of plum, dark berries and rich cassis, indulged in deep spices of clove and cinnamon.  There are also hints of jasmine, rose, patchouli and vanilla to complete this harmonious and luxurious candle.

Sweet Virtues Baobab & Vanilla Balance Chocolate Truffles (Sample Box. £13.95 for 10 truffles | When it comes to chocolate, I prefer to indulge on white chocolate or ‘fake chocolate’ as my sister calls it.  Obviously Pink Parcel will never let it readers eat such thing!  This month, we are treated to Sweet Virtues Chocolate Truffles in Baobab & Vanilla. Each truffle boasts at least 5 different superfoods including mama, ginseng, lucuma and carob and then covered in Sweet Virtues delicious dark chocolate and dusted with raw cacao.  These truffles are seriously guilt-free snacking!

Pink Parcel By Teafields Ginger & Pineapple Green Tea (Priceless!) | One of a kind tea that you can’t get anywhere else!  Teafields gave Pink Parcel the opportunity to create its own tea and the team chosen notes of ginger to help with nausea and pineapple t banish the pesky stomach cramps, the perfect tea to drink during your period, right?!


Once again, I am thoroughly pleased with March’s box.  For £12.95, I am definitely getting my money’s worth!  If you’re not a subscriber to Pink Parcel, then you’re sure missing out!

Your first Pink Parcel box, costs £9.95 and thereafter £12.95 (including postage) each month.  You can subscribe to Pink Parcel here

Are you a Pink Parcel subscriber?  What are your thoughts on this month’s box?



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