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When it comes to skincare, its not just about what you put on the outside, its also what you feed inside your body as well.  After all, you are what you eat.  We all know hyaluronic acid is one of the must have for skincare products, and collagen is something that many people look to consume.  Since collagen is responsible for firmness, elasticity, hydration and support to the skin, which explains why all health drinks will contain collagen. 

Last year, I was given the opportunity to trial out a new product and at the time the product wasn’t even launched yet, so I had to keep this new product a secret!  But since then it has launched in Boots.com and I can reveal the product is LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skin Care*.

LQ Advanced Skin Care is a liquid supplement specifically aimed at skin health, in particular acne and psoriasis.  Each 50ml bottle contains 5000mg Marine Collagen, Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Resveratrol, Hyaluronic Acid, Silicon, plus zinc, copper and vitamins.  Each 50ml bottle is equivalent of 10-15 capsules and liquid supplements start to work immediately in comparison to taking vitamin pills.

It is recommended to consume the drink daily for at least 1 month and for 2-3 months for best results.  From then on you can continue every day or to maintain the results and benefits you could reduce to taking 3-4 bottles per week.  The drink should be taken on an empty stomach to optimise absorption.

For me I have no problems drinking skin care drinks, as nothing can compare to the Chinese herbal medication drinks,  I have to drink for my acne.  The LQ Advanced Skincare drink contains concentrated orange juice and also added sweeteners, so for me it was quite easy to drink, though for some people you might find the taste quite sharp.

I started drinking this drink back in November, however after a few bottles I had to stop, as I found that after drinking it, it made my stomach feel a bit queasy.  Which was odd, as I’ve had collagen drinks in the past and have always been fine.  But I thought it was best to stop drinking the drinks for now.  But I was intrigued to see if this drink can really help those suffering from acne.  So I contacted the brand, to see if I can give this drink to someone else who I know that suffers from acne.  And of course they said yes, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post!


LQ Advanced Skin Care Key Ingredients 
Image Source: LQ Liquid Health website

LQ Advanced Skin Care pack info

LQ Advanced Skin Care Pack Info
Image Source: LQ Liquid Health website

So meet my friend Sue.  Sue has been suffering from adult acne for a long time, and like me most of Sue’s acne is around her chin and mouth area.  But unlike me, Sue doesn’t take any medication to help with her acne, so Sue was more than happy to trial out these drinks to see if it works and if it can help improve her skin, texture and acne.

Now for the great reveal… did the drinks work?  Look at the photos and decide for yourself!


11/01. Start of the trial


 21/01 – 30/01 (Box 2)


31/01 – 09/02 (Box 3)


10/02 – 19/02 (Box 4)


20/02-29/02 (Box 5)


01/03 – 10/03 (Box 6)

Each box contains 10 x 50ml drinks, so we took photos after each box was finished to make it easier to document.  As you can see from the photos, after 2 months (60 bottles – 6 boxes), Sue skin has significantly changed.  At the start of the trial, Sue had red spots on the left side of her chin and some redness, but after finishing each box and as the weeks went by, she started to see improvements.  After 2 months, you can see there was hardly any spots on her face.

Sue own personal thoughts after 2 months was that she definitely saw a reduction in spots, she found pores were not as big and her face was less greasy in the morning.


11/03 – 20/03 (Box 7)


21/03 – 30/03 (Box 8)


Current skin (04/04/16)

Week commencing, 21st March, Sue reduced the intake to 3-4 bottles of week to maintain the results and benefits.  Even though you can see one little pesky spot in the photo, compared to the start of the trial, the skin has significantly improved!

I was so impressed with Sue results from taking LQ Advanced Skin Care drink, I wanted to have another go at it myself.  And the brand allowed me to try the drinks again, its been a month since I’ve started drinking them, and I can start to see a reduction with my spots/acne.  So expect a review about my experience soon!

A box of 10 x 50ml drinks, cost £29.99 which is expensive because to see best results you need to consume the drinks for at least 2-3 months. So a 3 month course will set you back £269.91.  However, as you can see with Sue results, it does work.  So if you have been looking to incorporate skincare supplement drinks into your routine, then LQ Advanced Skin Care is a product you definitely need to try!

LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skincare can be purchased on Boots.com, who are currently offering 3 for 2 on this product.  You can also purchase this product directly on LQ Liquid Health, where you can purchase 3 boxes for £71.97 and save 20%, or purchase 9 boxes for £202.41 and save 25%.


Have you tried LQ Advanced Skin Care drinks?  What are your thoughts on skincare drinks?



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  1. Hey Julie! I often feel queasy if I take my liquid zinc on an empty stomach too! I found eating 2 Brazil nuts before my supplements prevents the queasiness without affecting absorption! :) XX

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